March 21, 2013

Anna and Simon at Trudder Lodge

A nice recent post for you. This wedding was shot just over a week ago and it’s great to be able to share it with you so soon.
This is the wedding of Anna and Simon. Two lovely people with big smiles and great personalities. As Anna and Simon live in the UK, I’d only ever chatted with Anna prior to the wedding day and that was over a rather blocky and pixelated skype call where we went over all of the details of her day. Her biggest concern was how on earth I was going to be able to anything decent of Simon as he utterly hates the camera. I don’t know what the camera has done to him in the past to deserve such loathing but whoever pointed the thing at him obviously didn’t do it right because on the day there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Both Simon and Anna were as perfect a bride and groom as you could ask for and a dream to ‘work’ with.
The day started in the super fancy Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt. Anna was getting ready with her mum and sister Lucy and good friend Nina. As Simon “loathed” the camera I was to stay with Anna for the full morning which always makes things so much less hectic as I can really take my time and observe at a more gentle pace. And a gentle pace it was with everyone just enjoying the chat with seemingly no nerves whatsoever. With Anna stretching with some Yoga and Lucy getting a back massage from her mum the only thing that was missing was a backing track of pan pipes or some other equally meditative type music.
The ceremony was held in St Patrick’s Church in Enniskerry which is a lovely church nestled in the middle of a wooded clearing. There was a soft mist in the air and it made everything feel all the more romantic. Some churches request that photographers are to remain at the back of the church which was the case here but I was allowed to shoot from the aisle and Anna and (especially) Simon were happy with that so that’s what I did.
The weather got worse as the day progressed and by the time we arrived at the gorgeous Trudder Lodge the rain had started to properly fall, rather than float in the air as it had been for most of the day. It was a shame as it meant we couldn’t get outside but there was plenty to capture inside. This was my first visit to Trudder Lodge and it is absolutely beautiful. A real gem of a place with so much character and charm. The marquee looked beautiful and along with the super talented Pairs and Peaches, Anna and Simon had done a great job with table decorations, paper pom-poms and wedding favours (lovely home made jams, marmalades and chutneys) not to mention the most incredible dessert table I think I’ve ever seen. You’ll see.
I wasn’t to be around for the dance but when I saw that Soul Purpose had already setup for later in the evening I knew that the guests were going to end up having one serious dancefloor filled night.
I hope this wedding goes to show that you don’t have to have glorious sunshine and amazing weather to have a great wedding. It’s what you make of it that counts and Anna and Simon certainly made the most of their day with lots of laughs, big smiles and it was so easy to see the love between them. Gorgeous couple. A big thanks to both of them for allowing me to be there on their day and a big thanks to Niamh at Trudder Lodge for being so lovely to work with and to Ella from Kitchen and Larder for giving me the most wonderful feed before I set off on my journey home.
Enjoy the post all.

Dress – Jenny Packham
Shoes – Rachel Simpson
Bridesmaid Dress – Coast
Morning Suits – Buckleighs of London
Decoration – Pairs and Peaches
Band – Soul Purpose


Great work dave... you put the sun in what looked like dull weather great captures.

13:29 March 21, 2013


Traditional Irish wedding weather. Love it!

16:13 March 21, 2013


Brilliantly captured dude - so moody, love it!

20:10 March 22, 2013


Great work dave in difficult weather. delighted to see trudder captured properly for the first time! Woohoo roll on June!

09:09 March 25, 2013


This is one of my favourites of your weddings Dave. The portraits are so relaxed - what a glamorous couple. And all the rain and mist looks wonderful in the photos!

11:39 March 25, 2013


Absolutely gorgeous Mr & Mrs Thomas! Nx

09:44 March 26, 2013

Christina Brosnan

Fantastic work Dave! Love that venue and such a beautiful couple and wedding!

16:40 March 26, 2013


    Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone. I cannot wait to go back to Trudder Lodge. Beautiful venue. Siobhan, you're going to have an amazing day there!

    11:59 March 28, 2013

Lisa O'Dwyer

I just love her dress! So elegant! It looks like they didn't let the crazy irish weather bother them. Well done!

14:37 March 28, 2013

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