June 27, 2018

Eithne and Andreas at Bellinter House

I’m building a time machine. My first trip is back to Bellinter House in early May to do this all over again.
This kind of wedding day is the stuff that wedding photographers dreams are made of. Amazing weather. A great setting but most of all, people who you warm to in an instant. Either and Andreas are those kind of people. And those kind of people come from good stock. So you end up with a great bunch of family members and a wonderful set of friends. It’s as good as it gets because wedding photography, or at least, the kind of weddng photograhy I want to take, revolves are people. Give me a face to photograph over anything and I’ll be happy.

This day was literally full of smiles (Andreas has the biggest and most incredible smile I’ve ever seen.) some wonderful happy tears, a LOT of kissing (from everyone – it’s a Swedish thing…) and some downright dangerous dancing that I shot while literally curling my toes back under my feet. (I need to invest in some quality steel toecap boots)

Eithne and Andreas, you guys are two in two million. The generosity and kindness you showed me on your day did not go unnoticed. I loved the time we got to spend together and I hope these images bring you both years of happy memories.

Oh before I go. There is a little bit of tech talk at the very bottom of the post for fellow photographers.



Hair – Glen Cullen
Makeup – Kate O Reilly
Florist Bouquets and Church – Marguerite Dolan.
Flowers and Decoration at the venue – Tracy Lavin Events
Suit – Custom made Empire Customs Toronto – @empirecustoms_official
Dress – Jenny Packham
Church Music – Carolan String Quartet 
Reception Music – Retrospect (The drinks reception music I’ve heard in a long time!)
Wedding Band – Entourage
Venue – Bellinter House
Wedding Car Bride and Groom – Court Yard Classics
Cake – Made by friend Julie Lyons


Tech Bit for fellow wedding photographers.
This wedding was shot entirely in JPEG. The reason for this is that when I first purchased my Fujifilm X-H1 I was intrigued by the Eterna Film Simulation. I knew it was really aimed at filmmakers however I did wonder how well a JPEG with the Enterna Film Simulation would stand up to some light editing. The answer is, really very well. Eterna is very kind of skin tones which as a wedding photographer is what you’re looking for from your files probably more than anything else.
So, after shooting quite a bit of personal work and liking what I saw, I decided to shoot a wedding with it to see if I liked the results even more than what I was getting from the RAWS and also to see if it would improve my overall workflow.  So with that, I shot RAW’s to one card and JPEG’s to the other just in case. Those RAW’s were never needed.
For any Fujifilm photographers out there who wonder about settings on the method I used, it’s as follows.
Under the IQ Settings
Film Simulation – Eterna
Highlight Tone – 0
Shadow Tone – Minus 1
Color – +3 (to give a bit more punch)
Noise Reduction – Minus 4

Under the Setup Menu
Then in Screen Settings
EVF Color +4 (This just give you a bit more vibrancy in the viewfinder rather than the very flat Eterna look)
LCD Color +4

And that’s it. From there my edits in Lightroom were as per usual with a few tweaks made to my usual look to ensure that there wasn’t too much over sharpening.

Editing the jpegs was pretty easy because as the file contains less data you have less room to play with it. So once you have your preset working well it’s really just a matter of working on simple things like the exposure and contrast etc. For some that might be a negative thing but for me, it was a big plus. You have to ensure you get things right in camera but with an EVF that’s not too difficult. Another big plus in shooting with mirrorless for sure.
At present I don’t see any signs of going back to RAWS but I guess if I’m faced with a venue that has really appalling lighting or something like that then I may reconsider just for a little bit more failsafe but I have to say I’m super pleased with how these Eterna files look when lightly edited.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll reply as quickly as I can.













Lovely wedding dude crazy flare on that sunset!!

16:53 June 27, 2018

Katie Kavanagh

This is wedding goals! So much love and fun from start to finish!

12:56 June 28, 2018

Peter Kasbergen

Cracking work, Dave! So glad we met in Bath as now I can be inspired by your great work. Cheers from Holland!

13:23 June 29, 2018

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