December 20, 2017

Greek Wedding Photography – Clare and Peter

This is Clare and Peter’s crazy good Greek wedding. I remember leaving this wedding and chatting to my mates on the phone. “My wedding today was unreal! I don’t even know where to start!” Before launching in to a full blow by blow account of the day and taking quite a long time to do it. You see, there is just know way to explain this wedding in a few simple paragraphs – I’m not that talented. What I hope though is that buy the time you’ve reached the bottom of this blog you’ll have some idea as to what the day was all about.
Amazing Greek traditions. So much laughter. And lots of love. And more amazing Greek traditions. Seriously – wait until you see the money dance. Trust me.

Peter and Clare. Thank you so much for trusting this complete at utter novice to capture the madness of your day in all it’s amazing Greek fun-filled glory.



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Great shoot dude.. those dancing photos are hilarious!!

15:52 December 21, 2017