January 30, 2013

Mary and Andrew At Summerhill House

It’s grey, miserable, cold and wet outside. The rain is coming down sideways and hitting us in the face like wet darts. It’s not funny. Just a few months ago when we were all complaining of the cold we didn’t realise how good we had it. I’ll remind you.
This is the wedding of Mary and Andrew from last October. Yes, there was a definite nip in the air but the sun shone bright and the sky was totally free of clounds. It’s was gorgeous. One of those days when people say “Jeez we got a great day for it didn’t we?”. They sure did.
Mary got ready in the Summerhill House where the reception would be held a few hours later. There was so many laughs that morning. Mary is quite the story teller and had everyone in the room in absolute stitches and picking our jaws up off the floor with some of the crackers she was coming out with. There was one point where I had to physically put the camera down I was laughing so much. I have no doubt that Sandra and Deborah who were on hair and makeup still laugh every so often when they think back of that morning.
The ceremony was held just a few miles away in St Partrick’s Church in Curtlestown and the priest gave one of the most welcoming speeches I’ve ever heard. So lovely and really put Mary and Andrew at ease as all too often couples can walk down the aisle and before they know it their lighting candles and exchanging rings without time to relax and take it all in. This was perfect.
The sun was low but bright when we came out of the church so we wasted no time in getting down to Powerscourt waterfall to take the bridal party shots but by this stage it was really, REALLY cold. The poor bridesmaids – how they turned on those smiles through the chattering teeth is still beyond me. A man selling hot water bottles would have made a fortune that day. Take that to the dragons den..
The rest of the day passed in what seemed like no time and before I knew it I was ducking and diving the arms and legs on the dancefloor wishing I could put the camera down and join in with the rest of them. Awesome day. Awesome crowd. Awesome couple. Top marks folks!
Big thanks to Mary and Andrew for allowing me to share this with you! For supplier details see the bottom of the post! Enjoy!

The Dress: Jim Hjelm
Bridesmaid dress: David’s Bridal  Jo-anne Janine Cara
Men’s suits: Fitzgerald’s Menwear
Cake: Andrew’s mom Mary and Sister Sinead!
Ceremony Music: Sinead Stone
Flowers: Fiona Hopkins at Candle Light Weddings
Hair – Sandra Crosbie
Make Up – Deborah Leonard


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gorgeous wedding dave the couple shots at the waterfall are superb... love it!

12:43 January 30, 2013

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