December 17, 2010

Barbara and Gary

After shooting my last couple of weddings in sub-zero temperatures and I’ve decided to revisit another summer wedding. This is the wedding of Barbara and Gary who got married back in the middle of August. Mind you, even though it was a summer wedding they weren’t as lucky with the weather as they could have been. It more or less rained all day – it may have dampened the ground but their good spirits remained intact and they had a wonderful day.

As you’ll see for yourself, Barbara was a gorgeous bride. So photogenic and helped even further by her pretty much constant smile. Gary was pretty easy to photograph too – quite the joker, pulling funny faces, making those around him laugh and when he wasn’t doing this he was the doting on his new wife and little baby girl Anna.

They both got ready in Brooklodge, which is one of my favorite wedding venues and had their ceremony in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Aughrim just a few minutes down the road. It was a really lovely ceremony but what stood out for me as a lasting memory was the fact that as Barbara came into the church Gary turned around, holding little Anna and walked down the Aisle to meet her. It was such a nice gesture and something I’d never seen before or since.

Later back at Brooklodge, it was obvious that Barbara and Gary really had put their guests first and wanted to make sure that they were thoroughly entertained. Shane Black was on hand to wow everyone with card tricks and totally bamboozle us with his mind reading skills. Meanwhile the band Tropical Strom were playing every request going – I challenge anyone to request a song they don’t know! As we sat for dinner Tropical Storm continued to entertain everyone, going from table to table and finally finishing with the top table were everyone got a go on the mic ☺
As dinner came to a close, out came the chef to thank us all – mind you it soon became obvious he wasn’t the chef at all but Marco The Singing Chef! Totally hilarious and really got the crowd into a good party mood for the dance later.

Outside the dinning hall Barbara and Gary had polaroid cameras for guests to pose, print and sign for a noticeboard and a video camera setup to record messages. All nice ideas that just give the guests that little bit more to remember.

It really was a super day but made all the better by Barbara and Gary’s super relaxed approach and thoughtfulness for their guests.





I love the silhouette photo of her in the doorway. Love the blog also. Sounds like the day was a quare laugh! x

22:13 December 17, 2010


    Thanks Rose! You don't mess around! :)

    22:14 December 17, 2010

Christina Brosnan

Stunning as always! Some really super shots. Love those Manolos!

10:11 December 30, 2010

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