March 2, 2018

Fiona and Damien at Tinakilly Country House

This blog post is the wedding of Fiona and Damien at Tinakilly Country House in County Wicklow. Two beautiful people who after fourteen years together, made it official. After all, they are meant for each other.
He is gorgeous with a fab beard – Fiona’s words. And if Damien didn’t have Fiona in his life, he’d be sitting in an empty room in his boxers staring at a wall. His words.
They did give me other reasons why they are head over heels for each other but I figured the above reasons are as important as any.

To be serious for a moment. These guys are two downright lovely people. Right from the very first email I ever received from Fiona to when I was giving them my hugs goodbye after surviving the dancefloor stomping session (no joke, I have never shot the dancing literally curling my toes back into my shoes for fear of having them crushed. This wedding actually put the idea in my head that maybe I should think about a set of steel toe capped shoes for this part of the day….Either that or some sort of catch fencing permitter that I can wear around my waist that’ll keep people at a safe distance. Anyway… back to Fiona and Damien) they were nothing but an absolute joy.

I have to say this – I’m very lucky with my couples. There is a common thread in that they all share one beautiful trait. An extreme lack of self-entitlement. This couldn’t be truer for Fiona and Damien. When I asked I them prior to their day, what do you hope your day will bring. Their response was this “We hope it will be a great party. We hope that everyone who attends will leave with a sense of “That was unreal craic.”” – Well, they nailed it. You see what I’m saying though right? They could have come up with a multitude of things to ask for on their wedding day, but their thoughts are with their friends. And I tell you what, I could see that all day long. Fiona had five bridesmaids. Damien had five groomsmen. Why? Because they just couldn’t hold back and wanted their best mates to be right there with them during all the very best parts on the best day of their lives.

And what a day they got. I don’t know what it is about Tinakilly House but it gets the most glorious afternoon sunlight. When I took Fiona and Damien out for their portrait session the light was just showing off. And finally, it was during that short little session they had a moment to finally think about themselves and really take in the magnitude of the day. Fourteen years. And here they were. Husband and wife.

Enjoy the post folks. I hope you look at it and think “That was unreal criac!”





Great blog man.. that looked like unreal craic!! Super Job as always!

19:43 March 2, 2018


    Ha! Nice of you to notice :) Cheers buddy!

    19:47 March 2, 2018


Great wedding reportage!

18:50 March 7, 2018


    Thanks so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    21:42 March 7, 2018


Amazing documentary wedding Dave. Beautiful images.

13:23 March 17, 2018