January 9, 2013

2012 – You’ve been great.

This year really has been incredible. I got to shoot some utterly superb weddings in places I never thought I’d get a chance to shoot. I started experimenting with video and the bug has truly bitten. I’ve photographed some really wonderful folks who I hope I can keep in contact with as the years go by. As well as having the best mates in the world I’ve gained some lovely new ones (darn talented too) who have been so helpful and supportive of my work as well as being out and out some of the funniest people I’ve met.

Best of all though, Dee started working with me this year and I honestly do not know how I managed without her. We’ve yet to get close to strangling each other and in fact it’s been quite the opposite. I asked if I could put a ring on her finger when we went to Bath in early December. After she cried for a bit (just to scare me I think – she has a wicked sense of humour) she gave me a big yes and kiss. It was the happiest moment of my life. Roll on 2013, it’s gonna be good.

Thank you all. You’ve been great.



this is awesomeness to the power of 10 Dave.

10:31 January 9, 2013


    Cheers Eric :) Without the stills of you in there this video would be worthless...

    18:16 January 9, 2013


Super :)

11:27 January 9, 2013


    Cheers Dave :)

    22:06 January 9, 2013

Amanda Wilcher


11:36 January 9, 2013


    THANKS. AMAZNDA!!!! :))))

    18:27 January 9, 2013

Bartek Witek

Sweet Dave :) Very powerful slideshow. Congrats on the engagement to both of you!

11:38 January 9, 2013


    Thanks and thanks Bartek!

    18:27 January 9, 2013


Your an awesome man... what a year you had! Now don't get offended but 2013 is gonna be better..!!

11:43 January 9, 2013


    That makes two of us Paul :) Here's hoping buddy.

    18:28 January 9, 2013


Wow Dave. Fab!!

15:41 January 9, 2013


    Thanks Edel :) Looks at you go on that dance floor! Awesome!

    18:28 January 9, 2013


Wow! Amazing video! I sure you added some subliminal advertising in there too (Book.Dave.for.Weddings).

18:59 January 9, 2013


    hahah Brilliant Jonny. Missed that opportunity!

    19:04 January 9, 2013


What a stunning video......congrats on your engagement Dave......no doubt myself and Barry will be seeing you at another wedding in the near future!!!! Happy New Year!!

21:18 January 9, 2013


    Thank you so much Michelle and Happy New Year to you guys too! See you again no doubt!

    21:22 January 9, 2013

John Gillooley

What a video! How did you get that incredibly filmic look at 03:27? Digital Grading? Also What's that song? And where do babies c... nevermind

09:45 January 10, 2013


    hey John. Yeah I put it through some colour grading in Lightroom. It's great that that can be done now - a longer process but worth it. Pretty much all video there has been been graded in some way or another (except for a few shots here and there). I'd go back and redo my entire video catalogue if I had the time. The song is Videogame by Eugene McGuinness - Isn't it awesome! The whole album's on spotify and it rocks!

    16:12 January 10, 2013


Brilliant video Dave, glad the bug has bitten as you've a talent for video too clearly. All the best for 2013 and congrats again on the engagement. Couldn't happen to a nicer fella.

11:10 January 10, 2013


    Maurice you're a star. Thanks so much!

    15:56 January 10, 2013


Dave - that's just brilliant! What an amazing year you've had... did you ever imagine you'd be where you are now from where we once were sitting eating our minstrels and crisps.. I miss those days.. You're such a creative. talented soul :-)

11:22 January 10, 2013


    Aww thanks Michelle! I know, little did we know way back then during our skiving things would turn out as they have. Lets do minstrels and hunky doreys sometime soon!

    15:55 January 10, 2013

Christina Brosnan

Pretty wicked! More videos in 2013 please! Congrats to you both on a success full year and a beautiful engagement.

13:21 January 10, 2013


    I'll do my best Christina and thanks for subscribing to the newsletter too!

    15:53 January 10, 2013


made me smile sooo much! awesome work Dave

15:05 January 10, 2013


    Glad to make you smile Lou :)

    15:52 January 10, 2013


Something else Dave - awesome year. Hopefully get to meet ya in 2013. Massive congrats btw to you both!

17:49 January 10, 2013


Thanks Louie! Yeah lets hope so. Would be great!

19:04 January 10, 2013

the Naj


21:13 January 10, 2013


Brilliant. You and Dee are fantastic. Love you both fo the stars and back xxxxxxxxx

17:43 January 13, 2013

John G

Every best wish to you both on your engagement. Video not bad either. Glad to have been on board for some of it. I see the Sunday Indo mag has returned to Castletown Geogehan for photo location for today's magazine. Must have seen your moose head shots from Eilís and Mark gig.

00:10 January 14, 2013


Rock'n Roll!!! Love it.

18:11 January 29, 2013

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