April 16, 2013

A long weekend

– the pepper pot in dublin for our favourite sarnies
– powerscourt
– meeting killian at the airport
– dad
– girlie coffee at antoinettes
– the amazing and rather windy antrim coast
– a big pile of rocks – (giants causeway)
– my favourite place in the whole world! (when i was 10) barry’s in portrush!
– a night of jenga and laughs
– a trip around the city of culture with friends


da naj

u got a pic of him smiling ! i love. also looks like it was a lovely (and dry?!!) weekend in derry x

17:47 April 16, 2013


    ha! I know! It's a small camera - he never even knew it was there ;)

    18:04 April 16, 2013

Paul - Moat Hill Wedding Photography

Brilliant stuff Dave... Poor dee you really do drag her around the place :-)

18:12 April 16, 2013


That's it Morrissey... If I catch you at Powerscourt one more time without me I'm going to have to disown you...:)

18:18 April 16, 2013


cool stuff Dave. Are these all with the OM D?

17:35 April 20, 2013


    Thanks Eric :) They are indeed. Some camera. I love it!

    20:04 April 21, 2013

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