June 22, 2020

Aisling and Colm at Ballymaloe House

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is all of the amazing locations we get to shoot in. One of the strangest things however is how one year you may shoot in the same venue several times and then several years could pass before you’ll ever shoot there again. Well, I hope that’s not the case with Ballymaloe House because last year I shot five weddings there and I loved every single one of them so I hope it’s not years before I’m back. (2020 isn’t looking good so far…)

This was the first of those five weddings and one of my favourite weddings from all of 2019. Aisling and Colm are two of the best. Two more welcoming people you’d be hard pressed to find with big warm smiles and wonderful fun loving personalities. I loved being around them and their friends and families – the energy and positive vibes were truly infectious.

This day had so many highs but as I put this blog together the true standout moment had to be their entrance into the Garinstore for the evening meal. No kidding, best entrance ever. Let me try and paint the picture, you’re a guest, you may or may not be wearing a Mexican sombrero (I never did get to understand that reference) the MC asks you all to get up onto your feet and make some noise for Aisling and Colm. Everyone looks to the door for it to swing open. It never does. The MC gestures to the ceiling and all eyes go up to the mezzanine level where big white curtains are swing back and right on queue from the speakers blasts James Brown’s Get Up Offa That Thing. Aisling and Colm start to dance and strut their way around the walkway, down the stairs and into the room where they high five and dance their way through the crowd. The place went absolutely bonkers and all you could do was laugh and cheer and get into it because we were all watching two people totally high on life and loving every second of it. And to think it was all totally off the cuff from a suggestion by Ballymaloe just minutes before. A genius move that truly got the party started.

I’d kill to shoot this day all over again. It was a pure joy and I’m so glad that Ailing and Colm asked me to come and photograph it for them.

Some of the folk who made this day wonderful.

Make Up – Derrick Carberry
Hair – Lynsey O’Leary
Venue – Ballymaloe House
Flowers – Jill Wild
Videographer – DIGA Video Productions
Band – Bentley Boys
Wedding Planner – Martina O’Riordan
Flowers – Jill Wild

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