June 27, 2013

Alice and Hugh

The night when I first sat down with Alice and Hugh and they started to tell me about their wedding and what they had planned I was walking away from it hoping, praying and crossing every finger and toe that they’d ask me to shoot it. A week later I got the message to say they wanted me there and I was one happy boy.
Not only are Alice and Hugh the nicest couple you could meet they are an absolute pleasure to sit and chat to. Alice doesn’t stop smiling and wears her excitement on her face. Hugh is just cool to the core and smiles in Alice’s direction – a lot.
So. The plan. Alice would be getting ready in her family home in Carlow. A beautiful old home that is just full of character and soul. I spent about 2 hours in their house in the morning of the wedding and I constantly found myself just taking pictures of random artifacts. It’s like a story of not just one person’s life but a whole family. I loved it. Hugh was getting ready with his mates just up the road but were not pushed for time when I was with them so they decided to go off for a walk into town and have a “coffee”. No seriously, it was a coffee….
Back in Alice’s house there was constant activity but it never seemed panicked or stressful. Everyone had a job so there was flowers getting delivered, friends were arriving to drop in and say hi, Alice’s sister and bridesmaid could be heard rehearsing her Do-Re-Mi’s down the hall as she’d be singing the church later, there was always tea and a bite to eat in the kitchen, Paul Davey and Ken Boylan were on hair and makeup duties so there was plenty of banter and I had the fun job of snooping around and just keeping myself busy photographing what I saw. It was easy.
The church (the massive, massive church!) was just a minute away and the ceremony was lovely. The singing was especially top notch and more and more often now I’m seeing that friends or family close to the bride and groom are singing at the weddings. It’s so, so lovely and really adds to the emotion. I need to get myself some musically talented mates.
Now here’s the best bit. After the ceremony it was off to Kilkenny. To the ‘new’ family home of Alice’s parents. It was – OUT OF THIS WORLD. I fell in love with the place. It’s an old house that has been completely  refurbished and boy have they done a cracking job. Not only is the house fantastic but the grounds were so utterly gorgeous. Such care and attention to detail has been given and it shows. The actual dinner and dance would be in this amazing tent that was put up in the garden by LPM Bohemia. Breathtaking. I’ll not try and describe it because I haven’t got enough big words but hopefully the photos will give you some idea. You’ll see. They honestly could not have picked a better day to have all this happen either. The weather played along perfectly which meant everyone could just mingle in the garden, enjoy the drinks and canapés and get a tan at the same time. Couldn’t have been better.
This was just a joy to shoot. I knew it would be. My only worry was the weather and I am so glad it played along for such a great couple.
To Alice and Hugh, thank you so much for picking me and being so super on the day with my weird requests for animated gifs and double exposures and standing so close to a tent you’d almost fall through it. I appreciate your willingness 🙂
To Alice’s folks. Um… hello? I’ve been sitting out on your porch for days. Don’t act like you can’t hear me. I have all my stuff and it’s going to get wet. Thanks.


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Dress – Little White Dress
Shoes –  Ciara Rose Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses – Frilly Frocks
Hair – Paul Davey, Davey & Davey
Makeup – Ken Boylan
Grooms Suit – Brown Thomas
Stationary – Pretty as a Picture
Flowers – Flowers by Lucy
Church – Carlow Cathedral
Church Music – Owen Lynch and David Maguire
Reception Venue – LPM Bohemia
Caterer – Lu Thornely
Wedding Planner – Collette O’Leary, Elegant Events
Garden Party Band – Supernova
Evening Band – The Beat Club
Videographer – Cinematic Weddings


Nice one Dave, prime work as always. The tent rocks.

19:23 June 27, 2013


Fantastic job Dave love that black and white in the morning very interesting! Shots are fab details are superb! Tent is incredible.. Would of love to see them erect it some job!

22:26 June 27, 2013

Christina Brosnan

One pretty sweet wedding Dave. That tent looks the biz! They chose a great photographer so they did!

09:22 June 28, 2013

Alice & Hugh

Dave, thank you so much for your wonderful photographs. Not only did you capture all the important moments, but the mood and feeling of the day, as well as all the small details that you spend so much time on when planning a wedding. Your laid-back approach meant that we were relaxed for all the photos, and I think that comes across. There are so many shots we love, it's going to take us a while to select the album! Your work is fantastic, thank you again. Alice & Hugh

17:22 July 8, 2013


Loving it dude! Every time I look at one of your weddings I feel hungry!

22:46 July 10, 2013


Lovely set of Pics Dave! something about the orange and green lids on the oven I love. Lovely shot! The one of the two cameras is a great catch too. Great work buddy

10:56 August 20, 2013

Collette O'Leary

Hi David Beautiful photographs!, I just love them! They really catch the day. It was an absolute pleasure working with you in Kilkenny, I look forward to doing it again. Collette

10:19 November 7, 2013

Zenith cinematography

David the way you captured photographs looks stunning, you captured all the Precious moments. From starting of the big day, your photography focused on every little moment, starting from bridal make to guest appearance. I just love it!

05:41 April 18, 2014

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