October 20, 2020

Ally and Brian at Gloster House

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Honestly. It doesn’t really matter a whole lot because when all is said and done, weddings are about two people. The two people making their commitment to each other.

Let’s face it, to put it as kindly as I possibly can, 2020 been one crazy year and not in a good way – but what has definitely come out of it has been some of the nicest weddings I’ve had the pleasure to capture. Weddings that have been more about the people than anything else. People who have just been dying to see each other and spend time with their loved ones – even it has been from a distance. Just seeing the faces of their loved ones on one of their happiest days of lives is all that matters.

Ally and Brian’s wedding was no different.
There was the most incredible buzz in the air. On a day which had been off then on then off and then on again over the last several months it was finally here and people couldn’t wait to share in their joy and witness something special.
The expressions on peoples faces when they spotted someone they hadn’t seen in months, the big squeezes with loved ones who they’d kept inside their family bubble, the elbow bumps with extra pressure applied, the tears, the massive snort filled, head back laughs, the selfies, the speeches, the kissses, the loud moments and the quiet moments. All of it. All of it was so good and so called for. Everyone needed it.

I couldn’t be happier for these two. I couldn’t be happier for their families and closee friends who all got to come together and be part of this day. I’m so glad I was there.

Hair – Louise Merryweather
Makeup – Ailbhe Lynch
Florist – Ally’s aunt Trish 
Dress – Elizabeth Leese
Shoes – LK Bennett
Stationary – Ally and Brian
Videographer – Lukas from Diga Productions
Venue – Gloster House

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