November 13, 2014

Lorraine and David at Ballinacurra House

Some weddings have it all. This is one of them. When I say “ALL” I know what you’re thinking – “David… did it have a massive Irish Wolfhound that scared the living you know whatsit’s out of the guests as they happily sat through the ceremony?”. Yes. Yes it did. But then I hear you ask “Ahh David, but did it also have a Husky that came and and sat at guests feet through the ceremony showing it’s teeth is a kind of “Look how many teeth I have and if I wanted to I could bite your face off but I won’t ’cause I’m a nice doggy and really all I need is a great big belly rub” kinda way?”. Yes, it had that too.
Yip. All of the above plus a wonderful couple in Lorraine and David couple who both appeared to have serious difficulty in not smiling and looking gorgeous all day long. Honestly though – all joking side – from start to finish this really was one of those days that I was just delighted to be apart of. From the morning where I spent time between Lorraine and David who were getting ready just a few minutes apart and watching how the excitement and nerves built to the ceremony which the outdoor setting at Ballinacurra House was perfect for and yes, had those moments mentioned above. Then in the afternoon where we went down to the lake for the photo session and while Lorraine and David had their eyes closed the Husky came down in and around their feet and until now they probably have no idea it was ever there. Then there was the walk through the wooded area and Lorraine and David’s willingness just just let me get what I needed to and never feeling the need to push me on or rush me. I just had a great time and it was obvious from them that they were just having the best day ever and enjoying every second.
Lorraine and David thanks so much for having me there and I hope this blog reminds you both of how amazing this day was.
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