December 17, 2012

Bath time.

With the wedding season behind me (aside from quite a bit of editing still ahead of me) Dee and I took ourselves off for a week’s holiday. We decided on a few days in Bath and then the rest of the time with my brother and his family in Surrey.
We choose Bath as we’d both never been there but heard so many good things about it and boy where all of those things true. What a beautiful place. Lets start though with the drive to Bath.. Dee has a massive crush on cute little Fait 500 cars and will never be truly happy until she owns one. So, to travel in style we rented one at Bristol airport for our trip and what great little thing to drive! We felt so special – until of course we realised that Fait 500’s are owned by every other person in England! I have never seen so many of the things in all my life! Still, the drive to Bath from Bristol was gorgeous. We were told by the car rental guy to take the country backroads and we were so glad we did. Passing though quaint little villages every few miles and repeating the same ohh’s and ahh’s that we did just moments before. Breathtaking.
Then of course there is Bath itself. What a beautiful city. The architecture is stunning and you constantly spend the day saying things like “Ahh look at that!” or “Sooo beautiful”. We both fell in love with the place and now we’ll never be happy until we live there and have out Fait 500 parked in the drive.
We did all the usual touristy stuff like visiting the Roman Baths, the Jane Austin museum (I say m’lady) but the best had to be the Thermae Bath Spa – Britain’s only natural thermal spa. Hot bubbly goodness.
Oh, I should mention, we stayed in the most wonderful little B&B. Brittons Farm Estate which was about 10 minutes outside of Bath. I have never stayed in B&B like it in my life. It really is out of this world and more like a little Boutique Hotel than a B&B as the rooms are external to the main house. The owners were super friendly and made us feel so at home. The most generous and delicious breakfast is delivered to your suite every morning so you don’t even have to get ready! We will be back for sure and if you’re ever over that way be sure to keep this place in mind – you will not be disappointed!
We love Bath.
The trip to Surrey was great as it gave me time to see my niece and nephew who I haven’t seen since they were small (2 years ago) and are now massive. Welcome hugs and high fives were soon replaced with much slagging of my facial hair (a Movember that has turned into a Decem-Beard) and chinos. Pesky kids.
We also managed to get a couple of trips into London and as we’ve been several times before we didn’t have to do anything too touristy but of course the trip to Harrords to see how the other half (or 2%) live was compulsory and we went to Vinopolis along the embankment for a wine tasting experience so we can now tell you the difference between corked and oxidised and good legs and bad. La dee da.
Last and best of all.. The Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park! Absolutely out of this world! Flip me. I have never seen a Christmas market/fair/themepark like it! The two of us were like big kids and we’d wished we found it earlier in the day to really get to experience all of it. Mind you, we got to “see” all of it from the air on the rather dangerous looking Star Flyer. A bunch of chairs dangling from a couple of thin chains and whirled around 200ft in the air. The view was unreal. I don’t think Dee opened her eyes.
We love London.
Dee hates the Star Flyer.

[vimeo video_id=”56103159″ width=”850″ height=”478″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”Yes” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]




superb, looks like you guys had a great time. Siobhan will be very envious of the 500.

12:05 December 17, 2012


Wow, I want to go to Bath. So many gorgeous photos that I could comment on. Love the umbrellas and have the same love of Fiat 500 as Dee. Think Dee is a hero for going on that amusement ride, I would have had a coronary :)

14:49 December 17, 2012


Beautiful photos Dave. Gotta visit Bath now!

09:57 December 20, 2012


That's brilliant Dave, fair play to you, amazing to have footage of that moment. Congrats to you both.

16:58 December 21, 2012


Congratulations Dave and Dee - your film is so beautiful! Wishing you both an extra special Christmas.

18:14 December 21, 2012

Leonie Chapman

I watched it three times... the first time I cried through the whole video, the next two I composed myself and smiled like a git! Congratulations, you both make me so happy... I mean, you make each other so happy and that makes me happy!!! xxx

21:18 December 21, 2012

Sarah Flynn

FAB FAB FAB I am so over the moon, cloud 9 happy, excira & delira THRILLED for you 2 lovebirds!!! You 2 couldn't be more perfect for each other and what a fabulous bride and groom you will both make. So unbelievably happy to share in your joy, excitement and celebrations - love Sarah & Shane xx

02:18 December 22, 2012

Marcello Ferraro

Congrats to both of you!!! Fantastic pics!!

07:50 December 22, 2012

Amy French

Whhooooooop! Congratulations to you both! So exciting! LOVE the video :-)

11:06 December 22, 2012


So.....utterly are both so lucky to have found each other (sniff) and to have such a special moment captured in a truly gorgeous way... Cannot wait for more installments! Xx

11:08 December 22, 2012


Dave, you clearly are a much better story teller than your fiancee Dee, cos when she gave me the 'low down' on the trip to Bath/London she did NOT mention the car, the Thermal Baths, the Star Flyer, Wine Tasting nor the four worded question posed on Bath Green. Thank God you take the photos and movies in your household.... Phew... Okay the tears are dried now and there will be a perma grin on my face for the two of you. Congrats and big hugs, a more beautiful and suited couple will not be found for some time to come... Big hugs and love. Eims xxx

13:48 December 22, 2012


Fantastic news Dave, nicely done! and massive congratulations to you both. Photos are awesome as always too!

18:26 December 22, 2012


Congratulations Dave! An great video!! ;)

12:35 December 23, 2012

Yvonne Kennedy

Yay!! Big big congrats to you both!! I shed a tear watching that vid, best of luck :) Yvonne & Tom

14:33 December 30, 2012


Omg so amazing to capture...well done. Brings a wee tear. So thrilled for you both. You make a fab couple. Best of luck to you both

17:17 December 30, 2012


Oh My God, great blog Dave...Congratulations to you both, it's the best feeling in the world getting engaged and you have the moment on video forever...genius & that's why I chose you to be my wedding photographer cause you're pure genius!

10:21 January 10, 2013


    Pure genius! - No pressure shooting your day then :) I can't wait Aine!

    16:00 January 10, 2013


Sorry only seeing this now! MASSIVE CONGRATS from Laura and myself!!! I'm such a softy, a lill tear in my eye watching this! So delighted for you Dave, what an amazing proposal (glad you didn't run out of battery ha!) She's very lucky you're a top guy, we're so happy for you both! Congrats again! No excuses now for wedding ideas!

11:04 January 10, 2013


    haha Maurice - I never even thought of that! Lucky there was no time limit on the video either as I really lingered on that spot before building up the courage :) And trust me - I'm the lucky one! I just hope she doesn't snap out of this dazed and confused mindset that she's obviously been in for the last couple of years. I'll be toast! :)

    15:58 January 10, 2013

Claire Hegarty

Absolutely delighted for you both on your engagement news! Such brilliant footage to show your future kids! Enjoy the celebrations.

13:48 January 10, 2013


    Thanks so much Claire :)

    15:52 January 10, 2013

Claire McCormack

Hi Dave, Massive Congrats to yourself and Dee on your engagement !! Thrilled for you both :) Claire x

16:20 January 10, 2013

Bath Time – Afternoon D Lite

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17:17 February 12, 2013

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