October 2, 2018

Becky and Aileen at Ballintubbert House and Gardens

This is Becky and Aileen’s wedding day at the truly amazing Ballintubbert House. I had a camera with me and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

Where on earth do I start? First of all, if you have a wireless mouse, make sure it’s charged and that the scroll wheel is in good working order. Secondly, It might be a good idea to have a drink, a fresh one that’ll last you a while. And lastly, get comfortable because what you are about to witness is mammoth and will take some time. If you reach the bottom you need to prove it by leaving a comment. Once received you’ll immediately be added to a Christmas card list exclusively reserved for awesome people with sheer grit, determination and a love of long wedding blogs.

This was a wedding of firsts. My first time to shoot at the incredible Ballintubbert House which I have to say is without a doubt one of the best places I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph in. The kind of place you could return to time and time again and never take photos in the same place. So much to see, so many hidden nooks and crannies and all of it so beautiful, homely, charming and full of character. I love it and I cannot wait to hopefully return one day soon.

It was also my first same-sex wedding and I am so thankful to Becky and Aileen for having the trust in me, in my approach and in style of photography to give them exactly the kind of images they hoped for. It was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever witnessed and I truly mean that.

Some other firsts. The first time I’ve photographed a silent disco at a wedding. The first time I’ve still been shooting at 3am. The first time I’ve seen a bride take to the stage and perform a dance that would leave Beyonce questioning retirement. The first time I’ve almost taken as many photographs of dogs as I have humans. The first time I’ve photographed poop in a bathtub (one of the funniest moments in my wedding photography career).

Aside from the firsts. Here was my favourite moment.
I was asked to take a big group photo before dinner. I went to the top of the mound, the Indian tent behind the crowd. Becky and Aileen came to the front, everyone cheered and then all of a sudden, Becky and Aileen sprinted up the hill, a drum came out of nowhere (magic trick stuff) and from a massive speaker behind me “The Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine belted out across the landscape. Everyone was cheering, clapping and singing at the top of their voices. Becky beat the drum in perfect synchronisation, the dogs went mental and then just like that without a moment’s warning they ran down the hill, through the crowd and lead everyone to the tent. Talk about goose pimples. As I write this those feeling of sheer happiness come flooding back and I’m there. I can’t begin to imagine what kind of high that was for the girls. Beyond mega.

Thank you so much to Becky and Aileen. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for the most ridiculous amount of creative freedom. Thank you for welcoming me like a member of the family and thank you for providing me with so many beautiful moments filled with smiles, laughter and heaps of love. A day I’ll never forget.

Supplier Info.
Hair – Sarah Boyne
Makeup – Aidan Corcoran
Florist – Lorcan Burke AB FAB flowers Cellbridge
Both Wedding Dresses – Alice May Bridal
Headpieces- custom made by Michele at Atlantic Bridal.
Becky’s shoes – Piagetti.
Aileen’s shoes : Shoes of prey at BhLDN
Stationary – Printco, Baldoyle for table plan.
Ceremony & reception music: Dublin Gospel Choir
Reception sax: ‘DJ and Sax
Caterer: Ali Davis Catering
Gin: Warner Edwards Gin (our best mates)
Wedding cake – Made by a close friend Antionette Rock.
Band: The Moogs  (UNREAL by the way!)
Silent disco: headphonedisco.ie



Amazing photos. As a photographer I can only wish I had the talent you clearly do. Still trying to find my own way but lack the confidence. Always enjoy looking at your images.

13:06 October 3, 2018


    Hi Phil, Thank you so much! That's awfully kind of you to say. Confidence in your work comes from knowing what you what your images to look like. Once you've figured that out the confidence will come so easily and naturally and your images will shine. I promise you that.

    19:03 October 3, 2018

Michele (Atlantic Bridal)

Oh my gosh these are the most beautiful wedding photos!!! I was so excited to see these photos and they are just incredible!!! These photos are just brimming with love, sheer joy and vibrant energy! They capture what looks like it was an EPIC wedding day!! Huge congrats to Becky and Aileen! What incredible photos David! Wow!!!

14:24 October 3, 2018


    Hi Michele, Thank you! That's so nice of you. I'm delighted you like them and it's always so lovely to see how your handiwork has looked on the day. The girls looks amazing and the headpieces were stunning. Thank you for taking the time to, firstly, getting to the bottom and two, taking the time to leave a message!

    19:05 October 3, 2018

Sarah Boyle

Wow, David, these photos are incredibly beautiful, every single one tells such a story of love, fun, delight!!!! What an AMAZING job you did! I feel honoured to have worked with such an expert and will most definitely be recommending you to my future brides!

19:27 October 8, 2018

Katie Kavanagh

DAVE!!! These are incredible. I'm so jealous I wasn't a guest at that wedding.

22:19 October 8, 2018

Jane Williams

Whoa! That was amazing. Ballintubbert is owned by friends of mine, it’s wonderful to see it looking so well and to see those amazing beautiful brides have an utterly brilliant wedding. Your photography is really fantastic, I love your eye. They chose so well. You captured every inch of the day and night the way you describe it in your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at a complete stranger’s wedding! By the by, this is the first time I’ve ever read a blog! Well done you. Those lucky families have fantastic pictures of that incredible day!

19:31 October 22, 2018


Spectacular photos! Loving the dog photo! :-)

21:14 May 1, 2021


    Thank you. I loved this wedding so much.

    21:46 May 3, 2021

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