November 6, 2013

Bella and JJ at The Step House

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If a picture tells you a thousand words I’ve already written about a quarter of a million. Still. There are a few things I need to say.
Bella and JJ are hand-on-heart two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I loved being around them. They had beautiful smiles, warm hearts and gave great hugs. What more could you ask for?

Everything and I mean everything about this day was perfect. Sure – we may not have gotten the amazing sunshine, infact we got a ton of rain but that really matters very little in the grand scheme of things. What was perfect was the all encompassing feeling of happiness, real joy and true emotion. The ceremony had laughter and tears. There were beautiful readings by those closest to them that had us all reaching for our hankies. As for the vows, well…. when two people who cannot hide their true love for each other read out the most wonderful vows it’s honestly a thing of real beauty. It was impossible not to be moved.

Bella and JJ. I cannot thank you enough for having me there on your amazing day. The pleasure really was all mine and I cannot wait to see you guys again.

Awesome suppliers.
Hair dresser- – Bella’s close friend Lisa Everest at Hello Hair salon
Florist – “The hardest working florist” is also close friend Areta Richards
The save the dates and invites – Daniel burrows at, who again was a close friend and maid of honours husband.
Bella’s dad drew the amazing wedding favours.
Make up – Anne Hutton
Reception – The Step House, Borris.
Cake – Maria’s cakes Kilkenny
Humanist celebrant – Billy Hutchinson
Photo booth – Dublin Photo Booth
London bus – Dual Way Coaches, Vintage Bus Hire
Dress and Veil – Raimon Bundo from Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique in Brighton.
The wax head piece (yes wax!) came from the British Red Cross. Bella is the manager there and a volunteer gave Bella her mothers from the 50’s!
Grooms suit – Paul Smith
Grooms Shoes – Russell and Bromley
All his accessories from Jump the Gun in Brighton
The band – Soul Driven



Beautiful stuff Dave

19:29 November 6, 2013


Love this wedding. Love the style, Love the Bride who rocked her headpiece and red lipstick, love the grooms suit, too cool for school but most especially love the big red fun bus! Great photos Dave x

20:37 November 6, 2013


Love this Dave looks like so much fun!

11:59 November 7, 2013


theres such energy in this blog! awesome job Dave

21:31 November 18, 2013

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