January 25, 2019

A Personal Look Back at 2018

From a professional standpoint, 2018 was quite something. From a personal point a view, it was life-changing. Sadie and Elliott made their entrance into our world in the middle of January and Dee and I have been trying to figure out this parenting lark ever since.  Dee’s killing it, I’m over in the corner doing a bad impression.
Elliott who arrived out first with a scream that resembled a duck being strangled (not a sound I’ve ever heard but one I can now imagine) is a superhero. Born with the WAGR syndrome, with it’s most obvious disability being his lack of any iris in each eye mean’s he is severely vision impaired. We lost count a long time ago on just how many visits to the doctors, various medical experts and hospitals we’ve been through in that last year but what I can safely say with 100% honesty is that the people who been chosen to look after our boy have been nothing short of angels. They shower him with love and kindness that you’d expect could only be possible from a family member. No small part of that I’m sure is down to Elliott’s charming personality. A smiler who loves nothing more than you chatting to him, nose to nose.
Sadie is the perfect sister for him. As inquisitive as they come. Nothing gets by her and she has devilment in her smile. She’ll be Elliotts eyes and guiding light for a long time, I’m sure of it.
This little video is a window into our lives this past year. It’s a video filled with family and friends. These are the people who’ve come to visit, the people who’ve been crazy enough to ask us to visit and all of the in-between. I can’t even imagine the fun that 2019 will bring this household. I’m sure you’ll find out a year from now.

Personal Best of 2018 from David McClelland on Vimeo.



Powerful work - what a great record to have in years to come.

18:16 January 27, 2019


    Hi Kevin, Thank you so much!

    20:10 January 27, 2019

Sharon Kee

Absolute **magic*** Dave!! Such treasured memories of your journey into parenthood and your beautiful babies first year in the world. You've inspired me to document more of my own kids and friends too. xxx

19:43 January 27, 2019


    Hi Sharon! Thank you so much. I really appreciate that and yes indeed, pick up the camera and start recording those memories. Trust me, as much as it looks like I'm doing that all of the time myself - I really need to remind myself to do it far more often as well.

    20:11 January 27, 2019

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