January 25, 2019

Best of 2018

2018. What a year it was. Personally, a life changer. Our twins were born in January and what an incredible journey it’s been. More about that on a separate post.

The thing that I love the most about putting these end of year posts together though is that it’s such a wonderful reminder of the moments that I’ve been blessed to witness. Being a professional wedding photographer is like being given a pass for a day into someone else’s life, and not the monotonous, day to day, mundane parts that we all have, but the absolute best day. A day with the closest friends and dearest family. A day with big body squishing hugs, salty tears, roars of laughter, weird dancing and emotion. Lots and lots of heart-pounding emotion. What an honour and a privilege it is to be in that position. I aim to never lose sight of that.

Not everything can be sunshine and lollipops though and this year has had it’s tougher moments. People have lost loved ones and in some instances, under extremely tragic circumstances. The photos taken by me are in many cases the most recent ones the families own. I take some small comfort in that. It was one such story that gave me the impetus to center a talk that I gave at the Learning to fly Workshop in Belfast to a theatre of fellow photographers, around the idea that it’s in the 98% of a wedding day that true wedding images are created, not in the 2% you see on Instagram. I think the message found a home with many.

So what I hope this slideshow does is that gives you some insight into my year, what I’ve witnessed, the many incredible faces, and most importantly, the undeniable love between human beings.

Thank you to each and every one of the couples who invited me into their lives – it’s been an absolute privilege.

Here’s to 2019. Headphones on. Sound up.

Best of 2018 – David McClelland Photography from David McClelland on Vimeo.

David McClelland Photography
David McClelland is a wedding photographer based in Ireland but travels worldwide for destination weddings. Shooting with small discreet, Fujifilm cameras and lenses his documentary style aims himself at couples whose primary focus on the day is to relax, mingle with guests, enjoy their party and not worry in the slightest about photography. Unposed, candid images of people are his favourite topics. He also loves dogs. Do you have a dog? David loves your dog.


Rob Dight

Dave you are the man!!! Seeing you at work is a pleasure because your passion and love for photography is something that you just can't hide and its lovely to watch. This collection is fab, it makes me love people more!

23:37 January 29, 2019


So great. RIP Mark Lanegan. Unbelievable collection of photos Dave, fair play.

00:23 February 26, 2022

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