November 19, 2020

Claire and Des at Ballykealy House

One of the best things about this job. Getting to watch families. Being welcomed through that front door and entering their world for a day. Getting to see how mums and dads interact with their kids, how they interact with their own parents, the banter, the abuse, the smiles and the love. It’s all there, unfolding right in front of me, all, day, long and it’s wonderful. Then of course, add a bunch of really close friends into the mix and it brings everything to a whole new level. 
Weddings are wonderful and they really don’t get much better than the day Claire and Des had in Ballykealy House back in September. It was nothing short of beautiful and they and their families welcomed me like one of their own.

Claire and Des involved their friends and family when they could. Whether it be letting them choose whatever reading they wanted, getting everyone to light a sparkler during the ceremony of their in lieu of hugs or asking two friends to come up and hammer nails through a wine box to keep it shut until their first anniversary. (Which had to be one of the funniest things I’ve witnessed during a wedding ceremony and the picture later tells you all you need to know….) It was just the most lovely day. How they managed to pull off a day that was as relaxed as it was full of buzz and excitement is a credit to them and I’d shoot it all over again at the drop of a hat.

Oh and silent discos are where it’s at folks. Watching people dance to entirely different songs at the same time is one of life’s gifts to us. There is no bad dancing – just awesome dancing to entirely different songs. I love it!
A massive thanks again to the beautiful souls that are Claire and Des and their families. This was a joy. A pure joy.

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