January 30, 2020

Claire-Jeanne and Justin at Ashley Park House

Fellow wedding photographers will more than be able to relate to this next thought.

You’re in your car, the wipers set to full speed are desperately trying to keep the screen clear, your car is buffeting from side to side on the motorway as the wind seems to be hitting it from all sides, you hear a weather report for the day, it’s only going to get worse. Hurricane Lorenzo is on the way. Crap. You’re on the way to a photograph a wedding.
The bride is a fellow wedding photographer.
Palms sweaty yet? Yeah. Mine were too.

Well… what happened a few hours later at the beautiful Ashley Park House was nothing short of a miracle because Lorenzo passed, the rain stopped and Claire-Jeanne and Justin were gifted with out on the most beautiful evenings that they could have wished for. Someone somewhere was looking out for them and that person had full control of the weather dials.

You know else they had control over? The craic dials, the laughter dials, the hug and tears dials and the party dials. In fact, they were in that control room turning dials willy-nilly just to see what would happen and I tell you, it all made for one incredible day that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

I have stories galore about this day but I’ll let the images do the talking but as is not uncommon around these parts, I was completely bowled over by the love that was showered upon these two not just just by their friends but especially by they parents. It gets me every single time. It’s heart warming and life affirming and it’s easy to see why, they are two of the finest.
Thank you for having me there Claire-Jeanne and Justin.

Heart Emoticon Here…

Hair – Whyte Crown
Makeup – Rebecca O Sullivan
Florist – House of Flowers
Dress – A bunch of people and my Mum did the beading.
Shoes – Vivienne Westwood
Stationary – Ourselves
Rings- Our Bridesmaid Niamh made them
Cake- Our other Bridesmaid Barbara

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