May 20, 2020

Clare and Joris at Ballynatray Estate

Clare and Joris’ wedding at Ballynatray Estate is a wedding that I have been meaning to share here on the blog for a long time. And when I say a long time I mean a really long time. I shot this wedding back in 2018. Remember 2018? It was a great year. It was back when you could go around hugging people willy nilly. You didn’t have to carry around anti-bac or keep a stash of rubber gloves in your car for you next visit to the shops. Ah, simpler times that’s for sure. Sooner or later it’ll feel like 2018 again, so until then I’m going to go about revisiting some weddings that i just never got around to at the time.
I had never been to Ballynatray House before and my goodness did my jaw drop when I drove up that driveway. It’s honestly breathtaking. The views across the misty landscape that morning were stunning and of course when the house eventually reveals itself it’s quite the sight. Set right on the edge of the Blackwater River the views really are something else. Surprisingly things get even better when you walk through the doors and explore the rooms of the house. It’s no wonder that Clare and Joris feel in love with it and choose it to celebrate their big day at. And that’s all before you’ve seen the boathouse where the ceremony will take place. Mind blown.
That’s all the superficial stuff though, because this day was all about Clare and Joris and their families and friends all having the absolute time of their lives. Both families hadn’t really met before as Joris’ side are Belgian (and all slightly mad in the best way possible) and Clare’s side are Irish but my goodness did they gel. This day had so many highlights for me. My favourite being that Clare and Joris did a first look in the house with their immediate families present. It was so lovely and so intimate and also an amazing ice breaker for the families. Some other great moments included Joris’ dads crazy speech that had to be experienced live. The man knows how to make a room laugh. The moment that Clare arrived down to the boathouse and literally no-one was sitting down and she just laughed and hooshed everyone to sit down. When I overheard that they were looking for some “Moths” to put in the ring box. I thought to myself, hmm that’d odd… Never seen moths in in a ring box that before. Each to their own I guess.. Only to later see them fill the box with moss and realise that I’m an idiot. I confessed. Oh how we laughed. At me. For quite some time. Then there was the sing off between the lead singer of Spring Break and Joris’ sister and Dad. That was something else and I’d say it’s something the lead singer will never forget! I could go on but this is a long blog post and I’m sure you’ll very soon get the picture that this was quite a day to be witness to. Aren’t I lucky and don’t I know it!
Oh. And one more thing. Check out that stationary and also wait until you see the detail in the veil!
Happy Two Year Anniversary guys!

Hair – Rosa O
Makeup – Rosa O
Florist – Ina McCarthy Flowers Midleton
Dress – Halfpenny
Veil – Hermione De Paula
Hair Piece: Donna Crain
Rings: Viki Pearce
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik
Groom’s Suit – Kilgour
Groom’s bow tie/pocket square: 40 Colori
Stationery – Curious Me 
Photobooth: Retro Photo booth
Ceremony Music: Here Come The Trio
Band: Spring Break
Caterers: Eunice Power
Venue: Ballynatray Estate
Celebrant: Teresa Graham

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