December 6, 2017

Cliff Townhouse Wedding, Dublin – Rita and Anthony

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Weddings are about people. Details are nice. People are everything.

For Rita and Anthony, this could not have been truer.

Rita and Anthony were due to get married in Connemara. A place very close to their hearts, surrounded by both their families in a beautiful part of Ireland. Anthony’s family were travelling all the way from Sydney and the setting of Connemara was going to be breathtaking for everyone. They’d hoped for photos in the amazing landscapes that Connemara has to offer. They couldn’t wait for the food in their chosen venue. This was going to be great. They couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait.

And then, life happened.
Rita got in touch with me a couple of months before their date to say that her dad ran into serious health problems. I’ll hold back on the details. Needless to say, this was completely out of the blue and had taken her family completely by shock. The wedding in Connemara was off but they were determined. A new plan was needed and something a little closer to home should Rita’s dad be able to make the ceremony if the recovery went well.

The crazy part in all of this was Rita’s apologies to me. As if somehow she was letting me down. She has bigger concerns than me to worry about me but it showed her level of concern for everyone involved in the wedding. She is such a lady.

A short while later, a new date was set for a wedding in Dublin. It went something like this.

Rita and Anthony would get ready together in a small hotel in Dublin. Their mums were there. It was like being in the family home to some extent. A quick taxi cab brought us to a small intimate wedding in the registry office with drinks and a quick bite to eat in a nearby pub afterwards.

We knew this next part might be tough. We all jumped in the car and to visit Rita’s dad in the hospital.
As I followed Rita and Anthony into the hospital I thought to myself “I’ve been in this position before. Following my couples into hospitals to visit loved ones. These are moments of a lifetime. These are the moments that matter.” This is what I was talking about in my opening paragraph.

As we walked into that room I don’t need to tell you how emotionally charged that room was but what I will say is this, there was the most incredible feeling of love. With hugs, kisses and tears. Lots of tears. But it was the comfort being given with just a touch of a hand and a gaze that totally got me. This is what weddings are about. Families, coming together, showing their support in more ways than could ever be measured by the size of a gift.

These are the moments that matter and this is Rita and Anthony’s wedding day.
It’s perfect.

Final word. Rita is an amazing wedding photographer in her own right. I was honoured she’d even ask me to photograph her day. There’s nothing like shooting a wedding for another wedding photographer to make you double guess yourself. She was a dream, and not once didn’t she either encourage or discourage me to shoot anything I was going to do ordinarily. I can’t ask for any more than that.

Thank you guys.

Dublin City Wedding at The Cliff Townhouse.
Morning preparation at Kelly’s Hotel, Dublin
Hair by Karen at The Hive Salon
Make up Artist Lyndsey Cavanagh at The Hive Salon
Ceremony at Dublin Registry Office
For camera geeks. As always all images shot on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X100





Wonderful and beautiful all in one man! great work! Rita you look amazing!

00:54 December 7, 2017


    Thanks so much Paul. Appreciate it. Rita sure did look amazing - I have to say, Anthony looked pretty dapper too. What a couple.

    16:44 December 7, 2017


The essence of wedding photography, capturing moments with the loved ones in our lives. Amazing photos!

07:03 December 7, 2017


    Thanks so much Aaron. So nice of you to drop by and take the time to leave a comment. You're a star.

    16:45 December 7, 2017


You're so right Dave, people really are all that matter in this world! I can tell everyone in these photos feels blessed to call each other family. Phenomenal work as always!

08:46 December 7, 2017


    Ah thanks Aoife. Such true words there. For sure these guys really were one big family. So lovely to see.

    16:46 December 7, 2017

Shane O Sullivan

The garden party at the hospital was such a beautiful idea. Great work Dave.

18:39 December 7, 2017


    Wasn't it just. Such a lovely idea.

    21:21 December 7, 2017


So beautiful Davy, Gorgeous bride and very emotional photos of her with her dad Photos to cherish x

19:06 December 7, 2017


    Thanks Ruthie!

    21:22 December 7, 2017


Gorgeous photos! Rita was our wedding photographer and I'm so glad her special day was captured so well, like she has done for so many others.

22:28 December 7, 2017


    Thank you so much Linda. That's so nice to hear and I can only hope I'd have done as good as job as Rita would have done behind the lens.

    22:41 December 7, 2017

Sarah Fyffe

Lovely observations Dave. Big congratulations Rita!

09:44 December 8, 2017


    Thank you so much Sarah.

    22:26 December 8, 2017


Love your coloring. Are you using the built in film emulation, VSCO, or a custom preset? I haven't quite been able to get my X-T2 raws edited where I want them.

03:21 January 5, 2018


    Hi Damien, Thanks so much for stopping by. I always shoot with my Fuji's using a Classic Chrome film emulation with a couple of tweaks (increased saturation etc) - but as I'm shooting Raws this is only so that what I'm seeing in the viewfinder and on the back of the screen is closer to my finished look. For my edits in Lightroom, I've played around with so many presets over the years, from VSCO, to Totally Rad, to Heck Yeah, Mastin Labs and many more. In the end I usually always end up with a tweaked version of a pretty standard VSCO preset, like Portra 400 from Pack 1. For me, if I can get the skin tones to look as fairly natural as possible I'm happy. I hope that helps?

    13:11 January 5, 2018


      You're the man! I'll give that a try, thanks

      00:58 January 6, 2018


      You should consider selling your presets. I have the VSCO presets, and for the Fuji, what you're putting out is considerably better.

      05:30 January 6, 2018


        Hi Damian, Thanks so much man. I appreciate that. I'll bear that in mind for sure. Watch this space :)

        00:56 January 13, 2018


Great captured;-) well done!

16:25 March 12, 2018

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