April 11, 2018

Cliff Town House Wedding – Roisin and Neal

I shoot weddings for people who are relaxed, fun loving, don’t take themselves too seriously, aren’t big into posing and want their wedding photography to feel as natural as possible. Neal and Roisin are no exception and their wedding Dublin City at the Cliff Town House is a prime example of what enjoying your weding day to the full looks like.

I remember leaving their wedding late that night with the ridicously talented Rodolphe from Best Day Productions and as we got down to the street level we looked up to the room were everyone was dancing, and quiet honestly going mental, and Rodolphe said “That is really a perfect wedding”. And he was right. It was just so good. Everything about it. The kind of wedding I’d loved to have been a guest at. Everything took place with literally within a 5 minute walk. Roisn and Neal both got ready at the Cliff Town House, the church was at the otherside of Stephens Green and most people walked there. Then everyone walked back throiugh the Green, stopping for photos on the way on their way back to The Cliff Town House. As handy as you can get really.

Logistics aside though. This was a perfect wedding for so many other reasons. Firstly, Rosin was so incredibly relaxed. Scroll down (not now, in a bit) have a look at the shot of Roisin in the shot before you see External shot of the church. That is the final shot I took of her before I went to the church. For most brides, that time of the morning is mega stressful. You’re due to at the church already and you wonder where the morning went. Not Roisin. That image sums up how she was all morning. As chilled and perfectly in control as you could imagine. That kind of attitiude by the way, rubs off on everyone and has a massive impact on how wedding mornings feel.
As for Neal. He is of the afformentioned, fun loving camp. This guy is all about the big smiles, loud laughs, hugs and it’s plain to see that he adores his family. A gent and a true character who can make you laugh in an instant.
What really made this wedding perfect though was that this wedding felt like a party. A big party. A party where people were not going to be afraid to let their hair down and go for it and nowhere was that more obvious that the dancefloor. I have honestly never seen anything like it. I know it’s a bit blog post but you’ll be rewarded at the bottom with some erious antics. I love weddings that end on a high like that.

So, start scrolling and enjoy the lesson in how to have the best day of your life.

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What a nice reportage:-) well done!

19:34 April 16, 2018


    Thanks so much Wal!

    13:31 April 19, 2018

Paul Liddement

Lovely wedding storytelling, I enjoyed the walking through the streets, the brides face said it all!

19:56 May 9, 2018


    Hi Paul, thanks so much! I really appreciate you dropping by and taking the time to comment. It was such a great wedding!

    09:09 May 27, 2018

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