November 29, 2020

David McClelland Family Shoots

I obviously don’t make a point of letting enough people know this enough but yes, yes I do family shoots!

And not only do I do them, I love them. Controversial moment coming right up, I think they are probably my favourite thing to photograph.

Being a father of twins my camera never leaves the kitchen table. It’s lifted at least once a day to capture something as mundane as one of my kids eating a slice of toast or them using the sofa as a trampoline – either way, it’s our life and I know that one day those images are going to mean the world to our family. All of those images end up on my own personal blog. Every so often my wife and I will sit down and go through it and reminisce and all to often say something “My god they were so small!” or “Time is moving too quickly!”. I am so grateful that I’m in a position that I can make these memories for my own family and I really want to share that ability with your family.

My family shoots are rooted in the belief that they should document your life. Your real life. Not all of you in white jeans and shirts in some studio. I want to capture the real, raw, messy, chaotic, fun filled days that make your daily life what it is. The big laughs and even snot filled tears that make your lives together the beautiful thing that it is.

If you’d like me to come and capture your family for a day then I’d love to hear from you. Contact me here.

Here are some full family shoots that I’ve blogged.

Family Shoot in Wexford.

A Dad and his two Girls on the home farm.

A quiet and peaceful Newborn Shoot in Dublin.

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