May 13, 2015

Eimear and David at Lough Rynn

There is no other way of saying it – this wedding was such a laugh. Eimear won’t mind me saying this – but she’s a bit mad and in a totally loveable way. Here is a girl who knows how to enjoy every single second of her wedding and make sure that everyone around her feels the same way. Her personality is totally infectious and even if you’ve just met you find yourself feeling like one her old mates because that’s how she talks and acts with you. I’d met Eimear a few years ago when I had the privilege to photograph her brothers wedding but this was the first time I’d seen her since then but from the moment I started shooting that morning she was chatting to me as if we’d been hanging out for years. In fact, 10 minutes into the day and I was driving her to the church in her pyjama’s with rollers in her hair and slippers on her feet; the pair of us were in stitches at the idea – and all to just have a look at the flowers haha.
Pretty much replicate those laughs throughout the day and you have an idea of what their day was like. We may not have gotten the blue skies and sunshine that the morning tempted us with but it had no impact on what was a super day from start to finish.
You can tell that Eimear and David are really well suited because David loves to laugh too and in fairness to him – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom take such a ribbing during the speeches and yet he laughed (and cringed) through it all. The video that his mates made for him had me in stitches. You’re quite the sport David.
Eimear and David – thank you for letting me back into your family after all these years and lets hope that the wait until we see each other again isn’t so long this time.
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Such a stunning bride, love the pics Eimear! X

15:45 August 9, 2015

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