October 17, 2017

Megan and Simon at Fallon & Byrne

Now and again I’m in the very position to be able to shoot a wedding for people who are in a close circle of friends to a previous couple I’ve photographed.
Rarer than that, but much more special is when I get the opportunity to photograph a wedding of from the same family.
This is one such occasion.

This is Megan and Simon’s big day. Their Dublin City Wedding.

Megan is the sister of Briana who I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of years ago. Briana and Cian tied the knot in a very special and very intimate wedding in Cork. It was a gorgeous wedding and it’s on those very small weddings (literally just family and a few very close friends) that you really get a feel for the family and are welcomed into a very small inner circle. There is no hiding place and you are very much noticed.

That is a good thing, well at least it was on that day as Briana’s sister Megan and her Fiance, Simon, obviously remembered me and asked me to photograph their wedding day based on that experience and I was so happy to be available as I knew this would be special.

Dublin was the destination this time. A city wedding with a few locations to begin with before finally settling in Fallon in Byrne for the dinner and dancing.

My stand out moment of this day was when Megan and Simon told me that they wanted to do a first a look. First looks still aren’t super popular here in Ireland so it’s always nice when you get to shoot one and it’s always a really lovely moment for the couple as they really get to take each other in before the craziness of the ceremony that goes by so quickly and can sometimes be so overwhelming.

We found a spot in the cocktail bar of the Westbury Hotel, where they were getting ready and decided that would be the place. As Megan walked in, they looked at each other, blushed in this real innocent and cute way before sitting down and taking out two small books. This was familiar to me because this is exactly what Briana and Cian had down a couple of years ago.
Inside each of these books was their own personal vows. Promises to each other. They sat quietly, reading page after page. There were audible awws. Glances to each other that said, “Yours is better than mine.” A squeeze on the leg back to disagree. It was beautiful. Eyes welled up. I’ve no doubt hearts pounded and as I moved around gently as to not distract them I thought – how lucky am I that I get to be here and witness this. This is special.

No less than 30 minutes later they walked each other into that ceremony room together. Full of confidence that this is exactly what they should be doing and not long after that they walked down that aisle to huge cheers, embraced each other and their friends like their lives depended on it and spent the rest of the day kissing (seriously, there was a lot of kissing) hugging, holding hands, leaning on each other’s shoulders, wrapped in each other arms and basically without a word of a cliche, loving every single minute that this day brought.

This was a joy. And also – how amazing do these guys look!

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