March 8, 2019

Family Photography – Ali and Paul and their beautiful boys.

I first met Paul at a wedding a few years ago and we immediately hit it off. He’s a videographer and so the fact that we hit it off so well says a lot! (I’m kidding videographers… I’m kidding.) The shortcut to familiarity was probably via the shared love for Adam and Joe and he loved the fact that my dog was called Boggins (an Adam and Joe reference if ever there was one).

Last year though we decided that meeting at the odd wedding throughout the year was a waste of a good friendship so we invited Paul, his beautiful wife Ali and their two wonderful sons, Lukas and Sonny, to come and stay for a night.

I’ve mentioned on blog posts before about the joy I get in photographing families. Watching how they interact, the bond and love that parents show to their kids in the simplest of ways. In Paul and Ali’s case the opportunity to see this were endless. From simply playing with a paddling pool of balls, wearing an octopus as a hat to make your son laugh or best of all, showing off their amazing potty produce for all to see and wonder in amazement at their boy’s incredible talents. They are tiny snippets though from an endless stream of doting moments.

I love recording this kind of stuff. If you’ve ever been to my house with your kids it’s likely I’ve already done this for you, if you ever do, then you will get the same.

If you want me to come to your house and do this, I would LOVE nothing more than to hear from you.
Yes, I’m a wedding photographer, but most of all, I’m a photographer who loves to photograph people and the relationships they have with the ones they love most.

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