May 2, 2013

Joanne and Mark at Killashee House Hotel

I was so looking forward to shooting this wedding and it totally lived up to expectations.
I first met Joanne a couple of years ago when I shot the wedding of Anne-Marie and John in Donegal. I remember that day so well for being one of those weddings when laughter and fun really were a big part of everything that went on. I also remember it being the day I received an unlikely bum pinch from a Anne-Marie’s niece…
If I had to sum up Joanne in one word it would be Happy. How on earth her face isn’t wrinkled to bits is beyond me because she doesn’t stop smiling. And it’s truly infectious. That morning with Joanne, Anne-Marie (who was retuning the favour of bridesmaid) and her friends and family was so enjoyable. We had hours to kill before the ceremony which was all taking place onsite at Killashee and it wasn’t long before we all found ourselves around the table in the bedroom tucking into tea and sandwiches and having a good ole chat as if it was any other day. This was as relaxed as any wedding day gets.
The emotion was about to step up a notch though because Joanne and Mark wanted to do a first look. For those of you who don’t know, a first look is when the bride and groom will meet prior to the ceremony alone. After shooting it I can totally see why people would do this. It allows you to really soak in the special moment of seeing each other on your wedding day rather than at the end of the aisle when you’re supposed to be all serious and ‘wedding’ like. It was the first one I had shot so I wasn’t sure how it would pan out or what way I’d decide to photograph it. Exciting times! The first look would happen in the hotel room next door to Joanne’s. Mark stood anxiously awaiting her arrival and was in fine form. A little nervous, a little excited, but that’s to be expected. As soon as Joanne walked in my goodness you could have heard a pin drop – it was fantastic. As soon as he turned around and set eyes on her the emotion really kicked in and Mark was totally overcome. It really was a beautiful moment to witness. After a few shots I left them to it to be alone and catch up in private as I have never felt more like a gooseberry in all my life. It was so, so lovely.
After the first look these guys still had well over an hour to kill so Joanne went back to her room to chill out with her friends (honestly it was like a party back in her room with loads of old college mates dropping in to say hi) and Mark hung around the hotel foyer meeting guests as they arrived.
The ceremony was really lovely and even little flower Grace girl got totally involved by laughing louder than everyone else at just the wrong (totally right) moments to have everyone else in stitches.
After the ceremony the guys had loads of time to mingle and relax with guests as they didn’t have to travel anywhere – we took our time to enjoy the photoshoot but even when that was done there was still loads of time before dinner. It really seemed like one of those days where everything was stress free.
I’ve said time and again how often I’d love to be a guest at the weddings I shoot and I may as well have been for this one as I was sat next to John (former groom of mine) for dinner and for a good two hours we talked music and films as if we were best mates. It was the quickest two hours of a wedding ever. Not to mention the awesome table quiz we had going thanks to Joanne and Mark’s idea of having a tv show quiz for each table. Luckily I was at the Alan Partridge table and even more lucky to get hold of the IT Crowd’s table quiz right after. I still don’t think it’s sad that I know the emergency number off by heart – that makes me cool… no? (0118999881999119725…..3) Google it.
One last word of awesomeness goes to the young lad who works at Killashee hotel. When the Photobooth guy failed to show up (they did eventually but were about 2 hours late) this fella through his own initiative rescued the day by getting a spare camera and setting up his own photobooth table and got totally involved to get people to come over, use the props and have their picture taken. This guy is going places. Employee of the day for sure. Killashee – give that man a raise.
Joanne and Mark – Thank you so, so much for having me again. It was great to see you both again and thanks for giving me a brilliant day out.

Cremony and Reception Venue: Killashee House Hotel
The Dress: Tamem Michael
Bridesmaid’s Dress: Vivienne of Holloway
Men’s suits: AB Formal Wear, Swords
Hair: Sinead Gaffney with The Hair Mob
Makeup: Claire Noonan
Band & DJ: The Best Men & Pro DJs
Ceremony Music: Sacred Sounds
Flowers: Florist at Killashee
Bride’s Jewellery: Rangoli Jewellery
Cake: Our brilliantly talented friend Michele Kelly! Cakes by Chele
Rings: Voltaire Diamonds
Lots of bits and pieces for the wedding were bought on, great website for weddingy things! Also, a brilliant planning tool was, it’s great for budget planning, organising guest lists and we could create a handy website with information for all our guests.



What a lovely bride! Such a lovely smile ! gorgeous! love the dancing shots :-)

18:04 May 2, 2013


After reading your blogs for the last few years, I can't believe we're actually in one! It's an honour! I knew we would have some amazing photos but you've really captured our day perfectly, thank you so much, we'll treasure them forever. Lots of funny and lovely memories to look back on. It really is incredible how you manage to capture all the little details. Loving the animated gifs/moving photo thingys! On a side note, our "first look" was a really special moment, one of our favourites of the day so anyone thinking of doing it, do it! And have Dave there to shoot it!

18:37 May 2, 2013


    Ah Joanne - Thank you, thank you, thank you! it really was a pleasure to shoot your day. It was such an enjoyable experience from start to finish and you guys were a dream to photograph. Have you stopped smiling yet? I bet you haven't :)

    18:39 May 2, 2013


First class work Dave... Love the dancing shots rock and roll... the gifs are great :-)

19:45 May 2, 2013

John Gillooley

Wowzers - amaaazing photos Dave. Was great to catch up, always a pleasure to have a fellow music geek to bore the ear off too! :) So many favourites here but would love to know how you achieve the effect with the light trails.

21:18 May 2, 2013

Anne Marie Walker

Just as amazing as we were expecting Dave! You were great fun to have around on the day, and the photos just capture the day so perfectly. You did have an easy job with Jo being such a babe though! :D Thanks for giving John a music nurdathon too! I've barely had any 'good music' lectures since! I'd say they are building up though!

22:36 May 2, 2013


'Child on sofa with Teddy Bear' - Like this one ok :-)

23:39 May 2, 2013


Wowsers! Totally amazing once again Dave - love the first look photos, made me fill up :)

08:29 May 3, 2013

Christina Brosnan

Another super wedding! Love those dancing shots. So electric!

08:35 May 3, 2013

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