July 11, 2019

Julie and Sarah at The Cliff Townhouse, Dublin City.

Being a wedding photographer is great for many reasons, but on days like Julie and Sarah’s what’s it’s mainly good for is, the soul. There were so many moments during this day that I wished I was either in their close group of friends or a member of their families.
Both Julie and Sarah are doted on by their parents, and now they are being doted on by each other’s parents – their new parents I guess you could say.

Unfortunately, to openly show your emotions is not really the Irish way. Everything is “That’s grand” and “Ah that’s lovely now” but when people forget about either keeping to appearances, foregt about who’s looking at them and instead embrace the here and now and the fact that’s what’s happening this very second needs to be deepy felt and treasured then things get real and they get beautifully real at that. This was more than the case with Julie and Sarah’s folks. They showed their love openly and geniunely and everyone was moved by it, including the practical stranger behind the camera.

I’m an absolute sucker for days like this but I’m an even bigger sucker for people like this. Julie and Sarah thank you so much for allowing me to witness this all before my eyes. It was a sheer delight.

Wedding Vendor Details.

Hair – Sian Sharkey (Sarah) & Niamh O’Connor Callan & Co (Julie)
Makeup – Aimee Connelly (Sarah) & Paula Callan (Julie)
Florist – The Garden
Dress – The Town Bride (Sarah) & Denise Assas Couture (Julie)
Shoes – Jenny Packham (Sarah) & Jimmy Choo (Julie)
Stationary – Till Dawn Dear (Kitty Moss)
Ceremony Location – Smock Alley
Wedding Venue – The Cliff Townhouse


Susan Paton

Beautiful photos, and lovely memories. The love Sarah and Julie share shining through every pic xxx

15:56 October 6, 2019


    Thank you so much Susan. Aren't they just the most gorgeous couple!

    22:38 October 7, 2019

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