June 23, 2015

Karen and Barry at Borris House

It’s always a treat to shoot in a venue for the first time so it was such a pleasure to finally get to visit Borris House for Karen and Barry’s big day. It is such a beautiful spot and while we might have a pretty poor day weather wise it was nothing short of a perfect day for Karen and Barry and everyone else involved.

Borris House has lovely little cottages to ready yourself in so while Karen and the girls were drinking champagne and getting pampered,
Barry’s morning mainly consisted of getting drenched, hammering wooden signs into the ground but finally getting indoors to carry out the most magnificent beard grooming regime. I was impressed if not rather jealous of such impressive man hair.

The intimate ceremony took place in this gorgeous room in Borris House with exposed brick work and a large open fire.  You could see the faces on the guests as they arrived. Ooh and ahhing at just what a romantic setting Karen and Barry had chosen. After the ceremony which had the most incredible music (all played by their close friends) they made their way to the front entrance hall to greet their guests who then made their way over to The Step House for the remainder of the day. The Step House is a cute little boutique hotel on the main street in Borris – well renowned for it’s incredible food and friendly service and as always, they didn’t disappoint.

As the guests settled in and got comfy at The Step House I took the bridal party for some photos in Borris House. As the weather was really against us we had to get creative and look for some alternative spots. The sheep sheds seemed like the perfect place. It was only when we were almost finished that I found out that Karen was allergic to hay… and sheep! Whoops! haha

The rest of the day flew and it wasn’t long before Til Death Do Us Party (best wedding band name ever?) were making sure the floor was packed to capacity and giving it socks.
Karen and Barry – you couldn’t have been easier to photograph and thanks for allowing me to get you into those sheds and out of that pouring rain without a single ounce of hesitation. I love that. Enjoy!

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Dude love it! Cracker wedding cracker job!

22:16 June 23, 2015


Great work Dave...as per

14:06 June 24, 2015

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