December 1, 2014

A last minute trip to New York.

As we approach the end of 2014 and start to looking towards the new year and what it could bring I think back to this time last year and there is no way I could have imagined then just how brilliant 2014 would be. Obviously I knew I’d be getting married but we had no idea our honeymoon would take us on the roadtrips of roadtrips across America on Route 66. I had no idea that I’d be contacted to photograph a wonderful couple and their son in Chicago. There was just no way in the world I’d have believed anyone if they told me that I’d photograph a wedding in New York in June that would take place on a boat on the river with the city skyline as the backdrop. That I’d get to shoot another wedding in the UK at the fabulous Cripps Barn. So if someone had offered me those opportunities at the start of the year I’d have grabbed it with both hands and then some. But as if all of that wasn’t enough my good friend and downright incredible photographer Eric Savoie contacted me to ask if I wanted to join him shoot a wedding in New York. That’s right – another wedding in New York! Sure! When?! In about a month. I’ll be there! So a week an half ago, Eric and his wife Siobhan and myself and Dee boarded our plane and made our way stateside where we’d meet the incredible Tamara and Yoni to shoot their wedding together. The fun and laughs Dee and I shared with Eric and Siobhan not to mention the food and drinks will not be forgotten for a long time. As for the wedding – let me just say – it was utterly insane and something which I cannot wait to share with you and I’m pretty sure Eric feels the same way.
Aside from the wedding – we had a few days to explore and enjoy New York and of course I carried my camera everywhere I went so here’s little selection of some of the personal shots I took during the five days away and stay tuned over the coming month or so to see just how crazy a Jewish wedding can be.
Here’s to 2015!
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