August 29, 2018

Laura and Eoin – Ballyvolane House Wedding

Getting the chance to return to Ballyvolane House for a wedding is always the highlight of my year. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I love Ballyvolane and my love for the place goes deep, as my wife Dee, and I got married there back in 2014. Whenever I make my way down the driveway and the house begins to reveal itself from behind the trees, I always get that feeling of pure happiness. I’m back and it feels good.
I’ve no doubt that Laura and Eoin must feel the very same way I do.

So let me introduce you. This is Laura and Eoin and this is their big day. It was right at the start of that glorious heatwave we had here in Ireland so the planned outdoor ceremony in the woods was always going be the perfect idea on a day like this. Laura and Eoin got legally married a few days before in Dublin with just a few close friends and family so today was always going to be about the relaxed party with their larger circle of friends. (Mind you, when I saw that Haribo ring going on I thought I might have been asked to shoot another wedding!) Eoin’s sister stepped in as celebrant and with a few short readings, the ceremony was over in all of ten minutes! That’s how to do it folks! There was a party to be had! I remember at one point standing in the back lawn and as I scanned around, every single person had sunglasses on and had a drink in their hand. What I would have given at that moment to be a guest at this wedding. It was perfection.

A big thank you to Laura and Eoin. You were a dream to be around. Two of the most laid back people I’ve had the pleasure to photograph and I’m so delighted that you had me along to share in some of the most amazing moments. I’m one lucky photographer.

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Super blog man!! Love it!

19:16 August 29, 2018

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