September 4, 2020

Lisa and Will – Wicklow Garden Party Wedding Party

Can you have a wedding in 2020 that looks like a wedding from, well, any other year that came before it. Yes. Yes you can. Will and Lisa’s wedding is testament to that fact. The odd mask, a bit of social distancing and some orderly queues at the bbq buffet aside, this was as good and as close as you can get to a perfect wedding.

The day started in Will’s beautiful family home. A lot of Will’s of siblings couldn’t make the wedding as they live abroad so the house was quieter than usual but that made for a very calm and relaxed morning. After a brief bit of time there I headed to Lisa’s family home a few minutes away. Set in a hill overlooking a beautiful garden with blue waters of the Irish Sea just a mile or two away. The garden would later be the setting for the wedding party and what a setting it was. As is par for the course for pretty much every wedding, there was a little bit more action here. Makeup, hair, dresses, shoes and and the odd visitor made Lias’s morning fly in and before we all knew it we were off to the local church for what really was a lovely ceremony.

Afterwards we took a drive to Clone Strand – what a spot! When I arrive somewhere like that I always feel a little anxious as it’s almost too beautiful I always fear that I’ll never capture it’s true beauty, I still may not have done but having Will and Lisa in the foreground certainly made it all the more special.

When we arrived back at the garden party (after a drive thru Guinness at their local) the guests welcomed them with a massive cheer, a cheer that said “Let’s do this! We’ve all waited too long!” and the party began in earnest. What a party it was, what a day it was.

A massive thanks to Will and Lisa for having me there. I left that wedding full as boot on good vibes.

Hair – Amy Furlong (Halfords hair)
Makeup – Stacey Brennan (Making faces)
Dress – Dotty Bridal
Shoes – Carvela
Suits- Moss Bros
Ceremony music- Honeyvoom Duo
Reception music- Niall McCarney
Photography – David McClelland



Nice work!

23:56 December 6, 2020


incredible pictures :)

17:28 July 21, 2021


    Thank you so much Peter! That's very kind!

    01:02 August 13, 2021

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