November 5, 2014

Ciara and Colm at Lisnavagh House

Okay. Sorry folks but get ready for a big one.
This is the wedding of Ciara and Colm at the stunning Lisnavagh House.ย I could not get enough of this day. When I think back over their day I have so many wonderful memories so I can only begin to imagine what a day it was for those guys as well as the guests who were lucky enough to be invited.
From a photographers point of view it was all you could ask for. An amazing setting on a day with great weather with a bunch of really awesome people who couldn’t have been happier to be there.
Some of my stand out moments.
Arriving that morning, walking into the marquee and seeing the guys transform this place with great patience into streamer heaven.
Getting to Ciara’s house and not being rushed into taking photos but been given a lovely guided tour by Ciara’s mum for over 10 minutes – to the point where I remember looking into the house and seeing Ciara in the makeup chair and thinking “I should be taking photographs right now” – and then continuing on with the great conversation about the lay of the land. Sorry Ciara!
Using my phone to youtube videos on how to tie a bow. We got there eventually girls! Go team!
Trying my hardest to stay ahead of Ciara’s dad for about 40 minutes on the motorway! This was one bride who wasn’t going to be late!
Walking from the church to the parish hall where old ladies with hairnets fed and watered everyone with massive pots of tea, homemade buns and triangle sandwiches. Old Irish mammy style.
Getting back to Lisnavagh House and remembering why I’ve missed this place so much. It’s utterly breathtaking and has the most magnificent grounds.
Having some of the most fun I’ve ever had shooting bridal party shots. The Godess in shining light had us all wetting ourselves – ya had to be there ๐Ÿ™‚
Having my own little helper during the photo shoot – she even made a hypelapse on my phone for me.
Hanging out (and more hyperlapsing fun) with James and Iseult from The Goods. We’re meeting so much these days it’s starting to get stalker creepy (but in a weird, I liked being stalked way)
That evening light and people outside having a blast.
The crazy good dancing.

Ciara and Colm – You guys are stars. Shall we do it again?

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