May 29, 2020

Martine and Paul at Mountian View Resort

From the very first meeting I had with Martine and Paul this was always going to be a wedding that I couldn’t wait to shoot. Martine has this amazing sense of style and I knew that that would translate to her being a very cool bride and I wasn’t wrong. She looked nothing short of amazing and I’m sure will be an inspiration to many future brides.
Their wedding was in August last year and took place in Kilkenny. A handy one for me given that’s where I live but it had a few firsts including getting to shooting the amazing St. Mary’s Cathedral, and it was also my first visit to Mountain View Golf Club in the hills of Ballyhale with it’s stunning views across the landscape.
The morning started though in the centre of town with Paul and his best man. Two nicer fellas would be hard to find and I don’t think they’d mind me saying that they aren’t big fans of the camera so I made my time with them rather short so that they could relax on their own and I spent the rest of the morning with Martine at her family home just a few minutes away. What a treat I was in for there. Firstly, their home is at the back of the family pub and right across the road from the Cathedral. The view from the back garden shows the Cathedral looming larger in the background – it’s quite the sight.

The banter and chat was great that morning. I was served up a delicious plate of food by Martine’s mum and had the pleasure of sitting with Martine at the kitchen table. Not often I get to have lunch with the bride on the day of her wedding – talk about a privilege.

I had a trusty assistant in Martine’s niece who took a real liking to my X100 and was a sponge for knowledge asked me every question she could think off before disappearing off with my X100 to take some photos of her own.

The ceremony was beautiful and was followed by drinks in the family pub before heading off to Mountain View for the rest of the festivities. My lasting thoughts on the day are that it was so incredibly relaxed. There was never any rush, no hassle and Martine and Paul are as laid back as they come. They are also very easy to photograph so my job was an easy one.

A massive thanks to Martine and Paul for having me there and being just so amazing to be around.


Ufniak Photography

Nicely captured, lovely outdoor photos, great work!

11:47 June 4, 2020


    Thank you so much!

    13:40 June 4, 2020

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