September 29, 2015

Nathalia and Tom at The Anglers Rest

I can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting to share this wedding with you. Okay – I can. It was from the day I shot it, which was way back in early July. Meet Nathalia and Tom – two of the finest folk I’ve had the privilege to meet. Gentle souls with big hearts and a lot of love to give.
Nathalia got ready in the coolest little place in Dublin which just oozed character and style. Music played from a little internet radio box from a channel that I’ve been addicted to ever since – Laid Back Radio. Check it. The atmosphere that morning was something special. Nathalia’s parents constantly beamed with pride their chosen careers of hugging has served them well.
The ceremony took place in Drimnagh Castle – somewhere I’ve never been before but what a wonderful little setting. Stone walls, a big roaring fire (even on a summers day!) and candles galore. An intimate setting if ever there was one and it really was a beautiful ceremony to witness. When Nathalia’s father handed her over at the end of the aisle it would have been impossible not to be moved by it. Honestly – no words.
The reception was in the gorgeous little Anglers Rest on the outskirts of Dublin – again another first for me but hopefully not the last. A quaint little pub that has real soul and a lovely vibe about it – don’t get me started on the food.
Aside from all of the above though – what the wedding has buckets of was true raw emotion. Nathalia and Tom have big hearts and when the two of them are with each other it’s easy to see just how crazy they are about each other. At times I would catch either one of them just looking at the other with real pride, real love.
Thank you guys so much for having me there on your day. There’s that phrase that people use all too often “The pleasure was all mine” but in this case it couldn’t be more true. I have so many amazing memories from your day so I can only begin to imagine the memories that you have – hopefully these photos will rekindle some of them for you.
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Great post man some cracker shots in there.. the morning location looked awesome! Love it!

23:08 September 29, 2015


So much raw emotion, epic as always buddy! :)

13:25 September 30, 2015


Dave you have crazy skills!!!! I love every single frame!

13:38 September 30, 2015


Genius! Love this wedding. You rocked it!

14:16 September 30, 2015


I just can't stop looking over and over. What a great eye, Dave! I felt myself back in the day reliving each moment again. Thank you so much for capturing these moments! We couldn't have asked for more. A big hug!

17:07 October 4, 2015


    Hi! I came across these beautiful photos because I'm also getting married at Angler's Rest (and Drimnagh!) in March! I'd love to know who you used for your flowers and makeup. We're coming from California so, trying to piece together everything is proving difficult. Thanks! Meghan

    20:23 November 30, 2015

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