February 23, 2018

Clodagh and Rob – Intercontinental Dublin

Spoiler Alert – Clodagh (an amazing artist by the way, please, please, please check out @theleadingline on Instagram for some seriously awesome fashion illustrations!) and Rob get married. Wore infectious smiles that made their eyes sparkle. Hugged their friends as if every squeeze would be their last. Kissed and cuddled as if each other was their own addiction and danced as if it was the final for Strictly on steroids. On repeat.
Sorry about that. Just had to prepare you. What I haven’t prepared you for it just how utterly beautiful these guys are. And when I say beautiful, what I mean is, if there was some way I could speak to a scientist, have them play around with some sort futuristic gene development, probe and prod whatever they need to probe and prod, cryogenically freeze whatever they need to freeze and if the outcome is that I end up at even a 10% match of these two I’ll consider it an astounding success. Scientists are free to get in touch via my contact form. Thanks.

This is a wedding I look back on with so much happiness. From stepping through the door to a house full of laughter (it’s always the sign of a good day.) to leaving that night literally high-fiving people on the dancefloor for pulling off moves that defied not just gravity but also any kind of understanding. Everything about this wedding was great.

Aside from the early morning fry-up at Rob’s family home, everything else took place at The Intercontinental in Dublin. Both Clodagh and Rob got ready there before the ceremony which was presided over by Rob’s uncle, under the arches in the courtyard. The only time we left the confines of the hotel was when I took Clodagh and Rob for a drive. We went to the brick wall that’s outside their apartment that they have had their picture taken in front of a billion times over the years when dolled up for a night out. A wall with meaning, if you will. Then, to contrast it all, we found the dingiest alleyway we could where they continued to just look awesome.

Anyway – I don’t need to explain the full in’s and out’s of the day. That’s what the images are for right? So. Get scrolling and enjoy this gorgeous day with gorgeous people.
Oh… before I go. Massive shout out to the amazing Patsie at The Informal Florist. Not only she a creative genius when it comes to her green-fingered ways, but she is an absolute shining star of a person. She gives hugs, offers big smiles, has a great laugh and even if she wasn’t one of Rob’s best buddies I’ve no doubt she’d have been the only girl for this job. She’s a supreme talent. Go check them out. Thanks.
Okay. Enough from me.
Here’s more from me….

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