February 23, 2016

Killian and Najmeh in New Orleans

It’s not often to I get to photograph a wedding as a guest. It’s even rarer that I get to photograph a wedding where I’m the best man. It’s even rarer again that I get to photograph a wedding that isn’t really a wedding but more of a party. And it’s rarest of all that all of the above takes place in New Orleans.

So what you’re about to witness is a totally unique take on things for me. This is my best mate Killian and his gorgeous wife Najmeh on what was their 3rd wedding celebration. With Killian’s family being Irish based and Najmeh’s being Iranian they had to make sure to please the families with weddings in Derry (shot by my nephew!) and Iran first of all. Then it was down to business with a party to satisfy themselves and their closest of friends.
So last November a bunch of folk from all over the world descended on New Orleans, a place that is close to both of their hearts, and now ours, for the party of all parties. In reality the “wedding” was just one day but myself and Dee and several other partied with Killian and Najmeh for well over a week. We thought our livers would never recover. Maybe they won’t.

So the day itself, Killian came and collected me from my hotel and we headed off to where he was staying to get ready. When I say get ready what we actually did was walk around the block, drink whiskey, stop at a bar and order two bloody mary’s and finish that off with some take away pizza for soakage. THEN it was time to get into our suits and jump on the pedicab and head to City Park where Najmeh and her best friend Jean would be riding a Pedicab to as well. Turns out our timing is amazing and we actually met Najmeh and Jean on the way. Queue lots of laughing, wolf whistling (check out the jumpsuits!), passing of whiskey and cameras and then finally getting to the City Park for about 5 minutes of photos and the opening of a fizzed up bottle of fizz. Drinking in the park. At lunchtime. Classy.
Then it was back on the pedicabs and off to The Tigermen Den where the rest of the guests would be waiting. Not before a stop off at Kermit’s Mother-In-Law lounge (a place that Killian did some voluntary work at in the aftermath of Katrina) for a thirst quencher and a photo with the man himself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Najmeh so excited 🙂
Back at the Tigermen Den the night went by in a blur of laughs, free flowing drink, speeches (the less said about mine the better), one hell of a cake, and an amazing end of night appearance by Mr Cheeze (more wedding need Mr Cheeze!). No wedding is a proper New Orleans wedding though if you don’t have a second line. And this wedding was no exception so just before midnight everyone went out onto the street and we followed the band several blocks as they played the most incredible jazz as we danced, cheered, waves our hankies, threw our umbrellas into the air and welcomed strangers from their homes to come and join in on the party. It was unreal and totally up-lifting. At this point it was time to put away the camera as the parting went on well into the morning as we all descended on Frenchman street. The less said about this portion of the night the better. What happens on Frenchman street, stays in Frenchman street.

Oh. And this wedding may look a little different from the norm – for the gear heads among you it was all shot on one camera and one lens. The D750 and the Sigma 24-35.

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NOLA Wedding of Killian and Najmeh from David McClelland on Vimeo.



Git ;)

18:37 February 23, 2016


Dude cracker blog you've done it again!

19:35 February 23, 2016


Lovin' the shots under the tree Gorgeous stuff as per Dave

15:28 March 7, 2016


Damn buddy!! Amazing!

10:53 March 9, 2016

Lisa Ryan

Love it Dave! thanks for taking me on a mad trip with these awesome photos! X

22:41 March 14, 2016


This is the coolest frickin wedding ever! You had me at the squeeze bag of "cheap bastard" - Totally. Love. It!

15:58 April 12, 2016


Came back to this one again! INSANELY good man!

22:34 October 5, 2016

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