March 5, 2020

Newborn Family Home Photo Session

A family shoot with a beautiful newborn baby is not something I’ve ever done before but when Niamh got in touch with me through Instagram and asked if I would take some non staged photos of her newborn baby, Ned, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been taking photos of two little babies of my own for the last two years and they’ve grown up so quick so getting the chance to relive that magic of being so close to a newborn baby and seeing the joy that they bring was something I knew I couldn’t turn down.
Niamh’s conditions were that she didn’t want them to be posed, so we shot it exactly the way I’d shoot if I was asked to shoot a wedding which is to just document what I saw and what they all got up to while I was there. It was such a wonderful experience I would LOVE to do this again so if you are expecting soon, or even if you’ve already had your own kids and would love something like this, please get in touch!
A huge thanks to Niamh for welcoming me into their beautiful home and being so warm, it truly was like meeting and old friend, to her wonderful and excellent baguette and coffee making husband Declan for being the host with the most, their beautiful dog Sally for the very welcome attention and of course to little baby Ned for being the cutest of the cutest. I look forward to seeing you all again some day.

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