April 9, 2013

Nicola and Robbie at Ballymagarvey Village

This post is a first for me. It’s a first because I got to shoot in the infamously hallowed ground of Croke Park. This unique wedding had so many personal touches from start to finish and Nicola and Robbie are the most genuinely nice gentle people.

Nicola and Robbie, like so many Irish, currently reside in Perth, Australia. When they decided to get married there was only one place that would do, their hometown Dublin City, and more precisely, Croke Park.

As usual, when I showed up at Nicola’s house it was a hive of bridal activity. Nicola was such a happy character and so laid back the morning of her wedding, we were greeted with a warm smile, exuding serenity and calm, she was looking forward to her big day. Her Dad was busy in the background making tea and toast for everyone, and Mum was in amongst the girls getting her hair done, and having the chats about the day.

Nicola and Robbie’s civil ceremony took place in Croke Park, which was kept a secret from all the guests, who were mislead into believing that the ceremony was to take place at a local hotel, where, to their surprise and delight, 3 coaches stood by waiting to transport the guests to a secret location, namely Croke Park.

After the ceremony took place there was a surprise visit of one of Robbie’s hero’s, Kevin Nolan of the 2011 cup winning Dublin squad. Robbie was so genuinely shocked and delighted he was nearly speechless! But he recovered himself enough and his smile said it all.

After he regained his composure we were pretty much granted access all areas (except onto the hallowed turf understandably enough) in and around Croke Park including the dressing rooms, warm up area, and of course Hill 16 which Robbie said was his spiritual home.

The one moment that really stood out for me that was so humbling and emotional was the surprise visit that Nicola and Robbie took to see Robbie’s Grandad who couldn’t make the ceremony.
Well, I have never seen a man with so much life and love his his eyes for a grandson. It was such a beautiful moment to witness, so much so that both myself and Rodolphe (Best Day Productions) had to leave the room as the emotion was getting to much. I kid you not. It was intense. I don’t often say this about my own work but I love the photos that were taken during those few minutes.

After the visit to Robbie’s Grandad we were on our way to the beautiful Ballymagarvey Village, where as usual the surrounds spoke for themselves. All the guests were enjoying the reception drinks before dinner, and it wasn’t long before everyone was called for dinner and as the light was setting perfectly Nicola and Robbie spent a few moments outside before making their way down to the dinning room where the night would really get started.

I want to give a massive thank you to Nicola and Robbie for having me as part of your incredible day. It really was something else.

Dress – Pallas Couture, Perth, Australia
Shoes – David Jones, Perth Australia
Bridesmaid Dress – Covet, Dublin & Town Bride, Dublin
Morning Suits – Protocol, Dublin
Makeup – Kate O’Reilly
Car – Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars
Flowers – French Touch
Decoration – Ballymagarvey / Annie @ Aislinn Events
Band – A Few Good Men & Craddog the morning of the ceremony and for the awesome trad session on the sunday
Video – Best Day Productions.



Croke Park....WHAT!!! stellar dude :)

22:19 April 9, 2013


Ah Dave you have to stop it... just stop it... fantastic work mate!! Looks like they fit so much into a day! awesome work! Croke park shots are top!

09:05 April 10, 2013


this is rather special !!! :)

12:09 April 10, 2013

Anne Marie

Looks like a brilliant day! I have a newfound respect for the ty-er of all those buttons! Love a groom in Converse!

12:34 April 10, 2013

Christina Brosnan

How cool to photograph in Croke Park! Well shot Dave!

12:54 April 10, 2013


Jealous, Dave. Jealous. Top notch shootmanship, as always.

14:17 April 10, 2013

Yvonne Kennedy

Nicola you look absolutely amazing!!!! Looks like it was such a wonderful day, big congrats to you & Robbie. Dave, I love the shots from the day, fantastic!!

15:49 April 10, 2013


    Thank you so, so much everyone.

    16:34 April 10, 2013

Ben mcginty

Great photos. Nicola, you look amazing and Robbie scrubs up pretty good too. Best wishes for a fantastic life together.

12:54 April 11, 2013

Annie Byrne

LOVE them! Every shot captures the day perfectly and the Croke Park shots are awesome. Seriously.

13:10 April 11, 2013


Emotional Fish much! Dave this wedding is Incredible, what a story you have captured. magical!

13:23 April 11, 2013

Donnacha Quinn USA.

Wish both of you all the best....sorry I wasnt able to make it Nicola......from your favorite uncle......cheers....

02:02 April 12, 2013


Beautiful work Dave, loved the precious moments with the Groom's Grandfather.

14:23 April 18, 2013

fiona travers

Hi David, I was at Nicola and Robbie's wedding and Nicola just shared a link to your amazing photos - My Dad is Paddy who you took the photos of in the hospice and I could not let this moment pass without saying how evocative, emotive and stunning those captured moments are - you did an fantastic job (you're right to be proud!!) - I know the moment would not have existed without the presence of Nic and Rob but oh my God David - you put the icing on the cake - I will treasure them forever - I think I stopped crying on about the 5th viewing!!!! - just to say thanks, thanks thank

19:55 April 18, 2013

Kareen Scott

Looks like a good time was had by all!! This was true Nicola style....fun and fabulous!! All the best! Kareen

02:55 April 30, 2013

Nicola Nolan

Dave, Dave, Dave and the beautiful Dee! Thank you both SO much! You managed to catch all the fun, happy moments during our day so beautifully! I vividly remember how amazing our day was but you captured it perfectly so we can treasure that day together forever more. Thank you. x

11:14 May 16, 2013

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