June 22, 2011

NYC – Day 2

Day 2 in NYC is drawing to a close. And what a long day it was. Walking from the hotel all the way down to Battery Park, then over to South Seaport. After lunch we grabbed the subway to Bowery for a walk through Chinatown and Little Italy then along Broadway. There was the odd stop here and there along the way for coffee and what not but my feet begged for a rest. So after a trip back to the hotel to soak the feet in cold water we headed back out for dinner in Times Square before finishing off the night at the Top of the Rock.

I didn’t take too many photos today as my camera battery died around noon and it was 7pm or so before I was back the hotel to be able to recharge it. So my shot for today was one of the first I took. It was taken in The Standard Grill were we had breakfast. On the way to the toilets you pass an old vintage styled photobooth in a corner with boxes filled with apples. An odd sight but rather interesting. Or at least I thought so anyway.


Des Finlay

There's something very informal about charging 5 "bucks" for a photo. Interesting photo. Enjoy your trip.

08:58 June 22, 2011

general meow

stop taking photos and blogging and just enjoy yourself. Its NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

11:09 June 22, 2011


    Haha well taking pictures is how I enjoy myself! :)

    13:35 June 22, 2011

Esther Allen

Dave your photos are the next best thing to being there ourselves, they are amazing!!

00:43 June 23, 2011


Ah, the textures!

19:36 June 23, 2011

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