June 26, 2011

NYC – Day 6

I cannot believe this week is nearly over. Tomorrow we check out of hotel, enjoy our last few hours in New York and then board our plane back to Ireland.

I didn’t really take any photographs today as this morning we got on a NJ Transit bus at 9am to Six Flags Great Adventure park in New Jersey. It was AWESOME! I’ve wanted to go here ever since they had the worlds tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world (now just the tallest) The Kingda Ka. It is massive! Even from a distance it it enormous. Dwarfing everything in the park by quite some way. For example, one of the first rides we went on was Nitro. It was insane. The drop was a huge 23 stories and reached speeds of 80mph! The Kingda Ka on the other hand launches like a dragster racer at 128 mph, then shoots straight up towards the heavens. When it gets to around 450 (45 stories!) comes over a crest and shoots back to earth vertically! The speed of the wind hitting my face was so hard I could hardly keep my eyes open! Utterly breathtaking!

So, as I wasn’t really taking any photos I’ll post a couple from yesterday in New York.

Seen this guy near the corner of 14th and 9th Street. He reminded us of Biff from Back to the Future. I shot this from the hip.

Creepy graffiti across the road from our hotel. Its an advertisement for a new show called Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim.

Rubbish bags on the street are not uncommon in New York, Especially around the end of a business day. But I thought this was rather striking with the red vacuum and the office chair also waiting for their trip to the landfill.

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Des Finlay

Sounds like you enjoyed six flags. I almost got on the Kingda Ka. After a long Q I was next when a girl panicked ( Irish as well..."jaysus, get me out of this f****ng thing" ). She broke the safety mec and kingda Ka was closed for the rest of the day. Got on the Great American Scream Machine instead. Enjoyed your New York photos.

11:16 June 27, 2011

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