February 6, 2012

Claire and Connor at The Red Door

I just sat and counted how many weddings from the past I’d love to blog about. Let’s just say – I have no need to ever be in a position to have nothing to blog about. So, to get things underway here is another wedding from last year that I’m really looking forward to showing you.

The bride is Claire, a gorgeous girl from Donegal and the groom is Connor, a handsome devil from Galyway and together they make super couple that were all to easy to photograph.

The day started out over at Connor and Claire’s home where Connor was going to be getting ready. I started shooting, keeping myself to myself as I always do – no sign of Connor though – he was in the shower – apparently. After quite sometime I overheard someone mention that he was at the church. What?! Turns out he was never in the shower at all (at least not that that point anyway) and was off doing a few last minute errands. So all that time no-one actually really knew where he was. Everyone was just doing their own thing with very little fuss or panic. That’s the Donegal way.
At Claire’s parents home things weren’t much more hectic. She had went off to the local salon that morning to get her hair and makeup done so when she got back it was only a matter of clock-watching and then slipping into the dress when the time was right. The calmness wouldn’t last long though because no sooner was the dress on than the house began to fill with friends and relatives all looking to get a sneak peak of the lovely bride. And lovely she was. Picture perfect.

The beautiful sky-blue Citroen DS that sat outside the house all morning was soon whisking her off to the church for what was a lovely ceremony in St. Mura’s Church in Fahan. A lovely church that I haven’t been back to since I shot one of my very first weddings so it was good to return to where it all started.
There was two stops after the church, the first was back to Claire’s parents home for tea and sandwiches and is where we took the family shots. Then after it was down to Lisfannan beach for the bridal party shots. It couldn’t have been a better day for it. The light was just gorgeous and well, Claire and Connor are so easy to photograph. Look at them!

The reception was just down the road in The Red Door, also in Fahan. A temporary marquee had been erected and was just the perfect setting for a day like this. From the lawn you had a beautiful view across the lough over to Inch Island and Rathmullan. As all of the formal shots where now done it was a great setting to shoot lots of candid’s as everyone was enjoying the sunshine. Mind you, there was equally as many in the bar watching Donegal clinch a last minute victory over Kildare. The roars were deafening!

One of my highlights from this wedding has to have been the speeches. They were utterly hilarious – from all sides. When selecting the images for this blog I really could have included another dozen or more of people in stitches laughing but you really get the gist – this lot were a funny bunch and unfortunately for poor Connor, he seemed to be getting the long end of the stick – not that he let it bother him 🙂

Really, from start to finish this wedding was as fun to shoot as any wedding could be. Not only a great bride and groom but a great crowd and two families who made me so welcome all day. It was just a sheer joy. Thanks folks.

{EDIT – Added a video shot by Tiny Ark to the bottom of this post. Check it. It’s awesome!}

And now for the amazing video of the day shot by the guys at Tiny Ark. A Dublin based crowd who shoot purely on digital format and just look at the quality. Love it. Please ignore the bald bloke with the camera you may see now and again – just what he’s doing sitting chatting to guests at the 12:25 min mark is beyond me. Enjoy folks.

[vimeo video_id=”28708121″ width=”850″ height=”478″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”Yes” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]



Lynda Hegarty

Love the photos and blog, Dave! You did an amazing job of everything! Thank you :)

16:40 February 6, 2012


what super work... fantastic colour dave.. love the bride and groom shots real simple perfect!

16:42 February 6, 2012

Aaron Guthrie

Fantastic work. I'm in awe of the simple yet effect compositions and that vintage effect!!

17:37 February 6, 2012

Documentary wedding photographer Steven Taylor

You found some great expressions that tell a story David, well observed.

18:37 February 6, 2012

Majella Donaghey

Pictures are amazing my beautiful friend claire u were stunning pics just says it all...

20:27 February 6, 2012


first dancing shot: mm mm mmm! Tasty! ;)

02:29 February 7, 2012

Esther Allen

Beautiful bride and stunning photos as always Dave, looks like the guests all had a ball too. Love the bridesmaids dresses too and how they match the wedding car perfectly!

12:05 February 7, 2012

Esther Allen

Stunning photography Dave, you captured what looked to be a wonderful day for the Bride, Groom and all their friends & family. I'm sure the happy couple will be delighted with you!

12:20 February 7, 2012


Fantastic photos. Will Most definitely be in touch with David for my wedding. I have been searching the net for weeks looking for a good Photographer and now i have found one.The Brides and Bridesmaid Dresses are stunning,and i love the way the photographer has caught every detail of the couples wedding I would like to know who did them for her.The Car is somewhat different and very stylish.I just love the black and white photos.Just Lovely

15:13 February 12, 2012


Fabulous photos Dave, Bride looks amazing, every detail was captured.

09:11 February 13, 2012

Christina Brosnan

Love that car! Pretty wedding Dave!

11:33 February 20, 2012

Claire & Conor

Thank you so much Dave for doing a fantastic job on our wedding day! You're without doubt the best photographer around...

14:51 February 21, 2012

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16:18 March 5, 2012

Eileen Hegarty

Absolutely adore the photos, delighted how well you captured this special day.....barely knew you were snapping away...we'd such a great laugh with you too....Claire and Conor couldn't of asked for nicer :) ......just brillaint Dave!

08:36 November 16, 2012

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