May 22, 2015

Rebecca and Tim at Ballybeg


Ballybeg House in Wicklow has to be one of the most beautiful places in Ireland to shoot a wedding so it was no wonder that I was delighted to return there a few weeks ago and shoot the gorgeous wedding of Rebecca and Tim. A lovely couple were blessed with amazing weather for their day. Rebecca got ready at Grouse Lodge which is nestled right up in the hills just a few miles away. A gorgeous little cottage that is the perfect peaceful escape on the morning of a wedding. Meanwhile Tim got ready with his friends back in Ballybeg but seemed (as far as I could see anyway) to spend most of the morning practicing his frisbee technique and showing that he’s quite the connect4 champ. Oh and the whiskey. I forgot about the whiskey.
This was one of those weddings I wish I was a guest at. Cocktails on tap, beer on ice, canapés galore, giant garden games and sun, sun, sun. Still – getting to photograph it all was a close second.
Rebecca and Tim thanks for having me. It was awesome.
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Awesome stuff Dave as always, looked like a really chilled really fun day!

19:40 May 24, 2015


Hi Dave! Just wanted to say thanks again! It was such a pleasure to have you share our day. I normally hate having my photo taken but you were so chilled and relaxed, I hardly noticed you snapping away! I think you totally captured the day as it was too, no posing here! And I loved seeing the boys preparations too! we're thrilled with the final result - thanks again! ☺️

15:55 June 19, 2015

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