December 15, 2019

Rob and Callie at Cloughjordan House

As this is a long blog post, I’m going to keep the text short and hopefully, to the point.

This is the wedding of Rob and Callie and all I can say is that, if you look though this blog post and don’t feel their good vibes bursting from the screen then I have failed as photographer because these to people are two of my favourites. That’s a big statement considering I’ve only be around them for a day.

Rob and Callie are people persons. It’s what matters to them most. Family and friends first of course, but their interaction with complete strangers (me and a few other people at the wedding) is what I was most impressed by. They look at you, right into the very back your eyeballs, reach out and touch your arm letting you know that “I’m talking to you now… just you”. It’s so small but yet on wedding days people are usually rushing around, some tmes worrying about smalls things that seems to utterly massive but Rob and Callie never did that. Not once. They were 100% present. Present with their friends, their family, with strangers and most imporantly, with each other.

I need to be more Rob and Callie and I certainly need more of Rob and Callie in my life.

Hair – Joanne Kelly
Makeup – Callie and her girls did their own.
Florist – Adonis Flowers in Dublin
Dress – Justin Alexander, veil by Sash and Veil
Shoes – Callie wore an old pair of her own shoes.
Stationary – Made their own on Canva, but added great photos by their awesome photographer pal Emma Good.


Bartek Witek

Amazing! Full of amazing moments and significant details :) Thanks for sharing.

01:25 December 16, 2019


    Thank you so much Bartek. That's really kind of you.

    10:29 December 16, 2019


Man thats a brilliant shoot well done. Love the documentary feel and you can see how nice the couple are from the shots. Really well done.

19:44 December 16, 2019


    Thanks so much buddy. You're a gooden.

    21:48 December 16, 2019

Sebastian F

Great wedding David. I really like the way you tell Rob and Callie story.

21:36 January 22, 2020


    Thanks so much Sebastian. Your work is great too!

    21:41 January 22, 2020

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