August 27, 2019

Sam and Nick at AnnaCarriga

Well, this is a first. An anniversary blog. It was one year ago that Sam and Nick tied the knot on the waters edge at AnnaCarriga. Why on earth I never got around to blogging this day before is beyond me but here we are, one year later, reliving a day that was one of my highlights from 2018.

I know I could never do this day the justice it deserves in words so you’ll have to let my pictures do the talking but what I will say is that this wedding oozed fun. These people are all mad. And mad people make for some of the most fun weddings out there.

This wedding was more than just fun though, it was beautiful, full of love and some incredible attention to detail. Let me just two two of those by you if you will.

Firstly. Check out that cake topper! Have you every seen anything like it?!
Sam and Nick got 3D scanned in their wedding gear and printed out and stuck on top of their cake! I have seen plenty of cake topper in my time, plenty of amazing ones at that, but nothing like this! I actually couple stop loking at it and it was funny to watch folk approach the cake and have the exact same reaction.

Secondly – Sam is an amazing jewellery designer and she OBVIOUSLY designed, get ready for it,
The wedding ring.
The engagement rings (Sams and Nicks)
A necklace for each bridesmaid.
And a lapel chain for Nick.
Sam’s designs are amazing and humorous and are of a style that is so unique. I encourage you to all to check out her cool site at SAMHAM

To Sam and Nick, thank you so much for having me there, welcoming me like a friend, having one of the coolest weddings I’ve been at, drinking out of that broken bottle of champagne without a care in the world and living the life out of your wedding day, just as it should be done.
Happy Anniversary.

All images taken on either a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-100F.



Man thats a great wedding really lovely candids and looked like so much fun!

22:49 September 2, 2019


    Cheers Buddy. Yeah it was a cracker of a day.

    22:44 September 16, 2019

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