December 27, 2021

Shane and Lauren at Seagrave Barns

It’s customary at this time of the year to put up some sort of end of year post. A “Best Of”, if you will. To gather up all of your favourite shots from the year and put them into a slideshow to show you just how great wedding days are and all of the amazing moments that I’ve been lucky enough to witness through the year.
Well, this is not that post, but, it might as well be because this wedding had it all and boy am I one lucky sod who got see all of this with my very own eyeballs in the flesh.

Shane and Lauren are quite literally my dream couple. Effortlessly cool, totally laid back, yet 100% up for mischief and willing to party harder than anyone at their wedding. I don’t use this word often but honestly, this was an epic day and you are in for one hell of a ride if you stick with this post to the end.

I’ll not lie – the pressure was real for this one. Lauren and Shane are both creatives (Shane is a the man behind the brilliant Shane Prunty Films and Lauren works in her own Creative Agency, Good as Gold) and while that could have been an added weight to my shoulders it was anything but. Shane and Lauren from the get go, even way back in the early stages of booking me made it very obvious they just wanted their day captured in the most honest way possible.

You have two options. You can spend just over two minutes by turning up your speakers and be assaulted by the video (which really should come with an epilepsy warning) or, take your time and scroll through the goodness and bathe in the good vibes this day. Actually make it three options because you could do both and I highly recommend it!

A massive, massive thank you to Shane and Lauren for not only having me there and treating me like one of their very own cool friends but for sending me a reaction video to them watching their slideshow, which is the very first time I’ve seen a couple react to my images before (which did wonderful things for my heart) and also for allowing me to share this day with you all, I hope it does good things for you heart too. After the time we’ve all had, we surely need it.

To finish up, a big shout out to the amazing crew at Seagrave Barns – it was my first time to shoot there and what a privilege. What a brilliant bunch they are and I cannot wait to return one day.



Venue – Seagrave Barns
Hair – Nicole McCarthy
Makeup – Trudy Hayes
Florist – It’s All Pretty Wild
Food – D’Lish Catering
Wine – Variety Jones Restaurant
Music – Darren Morgan (Ceremony and After Dinner) and Tropical Storm during drinks reception.
DJ – Sharpson
Videographers – Rosie Barrett and Albert Hooi

For the camera nerds – All images shot on one camera. The Leica Q2.



Bloody hell! Insane work. Very proud of my friend.

20:40 December 28, 2021


    Ah Fraser! You've broken the mould, went out on your own and showed everyone that you're your own man by leaving a comment on a blog! It's much appreciated! Thanks man!

    21:50 December 28, 2021

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