March 3, 2015

Collette and Paddy at The Shelbourne

This weekend I’ll be shooting my first wedding of the season – so before things get pretty busy around here I thought I’d post one last wedding from 2014. In fact, this was the last wedding I shot in 2014 – right at the tale end of December on a crisp cold winters day that in all fairness couldn’t have been better. It was dry, the light was amazing, hardly a breath of wind and I had Collette and Paddy who were an amazing couple – just look at the style!
Everything took place in around Dublin city centre with Collette getting ready in the Shelbourne Hotel where the reception would be held later. The ceremony was just around the corner in St Andrews Church – This was a very small wedding with around twenty of their nearest and dearest and I remember thinking, this crowd is going to be lost in this church but for weddings of this size they hold the weddings within the Wedding Chapel which is tucked in a little corner of the main church and is just big enough to get everyone in – a perfect little place and so intimate.
It was one of those days where you really had to grab the light when you could and Collette and Paddy were so good to oblige me and had no problem in coming with me for a walk through the city streets and didn’t even raise and eyebrow when we ended up taking most of the shots in a stairwell – a first time for everything 🙂
Collette and Paddy thanks again so much for having me there and allowing me to capture your day.

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Haydn Rydings

Love the B&W street shots with flash...very 'Bruce Gilden'

12:42 March 3, 2015


    Thanks Haydn - I guess that popup flash on the d750 is good for something :)

    12:49 March 3, 2015


Beautiful work Dave - again loving the silhouette with the sky. Gorgeous.

15:03 March 3, 2015


great stuff Dave.

17:52 March 9, 2015

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