February 15, 2022

Shireen and Natalie at Lisnavagh House

How or why I haven’t blogged this amazing wedding of Shireen and Natalie before now boggles my tiny mind. It’s one of my favourites, not just from last year but from ever. I loved this day so much and if I had a Genie’s Lamp my first wish would be shoot this day all over again. (Wish two would be to be rich beyond my wildest dreams and wish three would probably be to have a crisps cupboard that is never empty. I’m a man of simple pleasures really.)

When I look back at this wedding I have such happy memories. A day that was quiet and relaxed in some places and absolutely off the charts bananas in others. The dancing for example, I don’t know if it’s a covid effect thing where people had been so cooped up and needed to release their pent up dance moves but it was utterly bonkers – I genuinely found it hard to leave because the threat of missing out on something epic was giving me anxiety! What a night!

I have to say though, that for me, those moments in the morning flitting between their rooms as preparations got underway, the gorgeous ceremony under the yew trees and the moments with Shireen and Natalie on their own in the afternoon that made the day for me because that is when you got a true sense of just how much they meant to each other – Always asking after each other, giggling at the cards they sent, that first look at the end of the hallway, the walk to the ceremony together and the laughing that went on and their endless little looks and hands squeezes throughout the day that said “This is it! We’re doing it!” Over and over again. Beautiful stuff.

Now excuse me why I ride off on my magic carpet and look for that flipping lamp.

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Wow these pics are absolutely stunning! Haha I noticed the same thing coming out of COVID - people are really hitting the dancefloor at weddings.. Must be making up for lost time :)

12:41 March 16, 2022

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