June 20, 2022

Siun and Rob at Renvyle House

If you’ve never been to Connemara let me give you a word of advice. Set off in loads of time. You WILL arrive at your destination late. Not because of the traffic – I had very little. No, it’s because all of a sudden about half an hour outside Galway the hills turn into mountains, lakes form, sheep and Connemara ponies pop out from the ditch and you find that you can’t look left without worrying about what you’re missing on your right. It’s like driving while watching tennis, except there are no balls and the players are the most splendid scenery.

I like always like to stop enroute to a wedding and take a establishing shot or two – something to set the scene, record the weather etc. As per usual, I did that, then drove around a bend, stopped again took another photo, drove around another bend, took another photo, drove over the brow of a hill, FFS this is getting ridiculous! I must have stopped (and I’m not exaggerating here) at least 12 times. The silly thing is, this is not my first time to Connemara, I should have known what was in for me bt every time I go it’s the same story.

Anyway……You have been warned.
I’m sure you didn’t come here for travel advice so let me get to the good stuff. This is Siun and Rob’s big day at Renvyle House which is up on the north west coastline of Connemara. What a setting and what a lovely little hidden gem of a place Renvyle House is. This day was as perfect a day as wedding days get. The sun was out (for the most part… 2022 what’s up!?) everything was onsite meaning that I hardly put the camera down all day and people were ready to party and party hard. Just wait until you see the dance floor action. What made the day for me though was the conversations and connections I made with people. I’ll not go into too much details here but Siun does some amazing work with kids who have special needs and I could have chatted to her for hours. It’s a real calling and seeing her chat and interact with others it’s easy to see why she’s perfect for it.

This is a long one and I feel I’m holding you back from the action and there is no way my words could do these pictures any justice, so get scrolling and enjoy this amazing day.
A massive thanks to Siun and Rob for allowing me to share this day with you all.

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