May 7, 2013

This past month – or so…

– a trip to innisboffin for an awesome wedding
– an afternoon in galway with a trip to the gorgeous ard bia for lunch
– our fat cat
– everything is getting painted black an amber in kilkenny – again.
– dr wha? has landed in ballyraggett
– the woods
– a short visit to castlecomber’s activity park
– dee painted her garden furniture – at last!
– foodworks
– lunch with good friends
– an afternoon in town
– we finally found the hole in wall pub and what a hidden gem it is.
– our fatter cat
– our first vegan shepard’s pie. not bad!



Dave this is just great... its like a little window into your life :-). shots are just class...antique shots are great at the end of the post. Love it man!

15:14 May 7, 2013

John Gillooley

Love #58!

17:52 May 7, 2013

Christina Brosnan

Enjoyed everyone of these!

14:44 May 8, 2013


Love LOVE that image of Dee, you are one lucky man! So you know the way when you let us in on your trips... do you call ahead and ask people to vacate the area.. or do you get up super early?

15:09 July 2, 2013


that portrait of Dee at the log pile. love it

12:11 July 5, 2013

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